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  2. Subscribe via iTunes, Spotify, Google or RSS, or download here We’re finally back! On today’s show, Ryan and Justin return to the studio after a busy month leading into Paris Games Week. With the hustle and bustle behind them, Justin shares his final thoughts on the showcase, from the delightful surprise of Spelunky 2 to the gorgeous new story told in Concrete Genie. Then Ryan takes the stage to rave about Hand of Fate 2, a splendid, card-based RPG with superb narration. Enjoy the show! Stuff We Talked About Post-PGW recap Star Wars Battlefront II Hand of Fate 2 Concrete Genie Ghost of Tsushima Spelunky 2 Guacamelee 2 Recent Episodes Post-PGW Special 266: On the Outside, Looking In 265: Spoiler Room The Cast Justin Massongill – Social Media Manager, SIEA Ryan Clements – Sr. Social Media Specialist, SIEA Send us questions and tips! blogcast@sony.com Leave us a voicemail! (650) 288-6706 Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music. [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.] View the full article
  3. The Empire’s time has come. Star Wars Battlefront II launches November 17 on PS4, with early access beginning November 14. The spectacular next chapter in the storied franchise, Star Wars Battlefront II features an explosive single-player campaign following the exploits of Commander Iden Versio, leader of Inferno Squad. Guide Iden in the immediate aftermath of the second Death Star’s destruction, and witness the war through the eyes of an imperial soldier. For those interested in a little competition, Star Wars Battlefront II continues the multiplayer tradition with a refined suite of modes that takes players from the ferocity of ground combat into the flurry of the battlefront in space. For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop! New Releases: Week of November 14, 2017 Ashes Cricket PS4 — Digital (Out 11/16) Ashes Cricket is the officially licensed videogame of cricket’s greatest rivalry. Bringing all the fast-paced action, big hits, and skill that you see in the greatest cricket competition on Earth. ATV Drift & Tricks PS4 — Digital Tired of two-wheeled vehicles? ATV Drift & Tricks is the ATV game for you! A quads-only racing game with both solo and multiplayer play. Ben 10 PS4 — Digital, Retail As Ben Tennyson, it’s up to you to save the world. Take on some of Ben’s most infamous enemies, including Zombozo, Queen Bee, and the Weatherheads. Cat Quest PS4 — Digital Cat Quest is an open world RPG set in the pawsome world of cats! In search of your catnapped sister, you pounce into the massive continent of Felingard — a world crafted in the style of overworld maps of yore and purring with cat-tastic characters, stories, and puns! De Blob PS4 — Digital (Out 11/16) de Blob is a 3D platformer where players maneuver their hero, de Blob. Equal parts amorphous blob of paint, struggling artist, revolutionary and juvenile delinquent. Demon Gaze II PS4, PS Vita — Digital, Retail Magnastar has spellbound the people of Asteria into obeying him. It is up to you, the Demon Gazer, to wield the power of demons, liberate Asteria’s citizens, and shine the light of revolution! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR PS VR — Digital, Retail (Out 11/17) A true, full-length open-world game for VR has arrived from award-winning developers, Bethesda Game Studios. Skyrim VR reimagines the complete epic fantasy masterpiece with an unparalleled sense of scale, depth, and immersion. Far From Noise PS4 — Digital You are balanced on the edge of a cliff in an old rusting car. The sun is setting behind the horizon and night will soon fall. With no immediate means of escape, perhaps all that’s left is to attempt to feel some connection with the world at the end of it all. Knights of Valour PS4 — Digital (Out 11/16) Arcade never dies! Experience the side-scrolling, beat ’em up arcade masterpiece! L.A. Noire PS4 — Digital A dark and violent crime thriller set against the backdrop of 1940’s Los Angeles. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 PS4 — Digital, Retail Join your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains from different eras and realities as they go head-to-head with the time-traveling Kang the Conqueror in an all-new, original adventure. Outcast: Second Contact PS4 — Digital, Retail Outcast: Second Contact is the complete Remake of the cult title Outcast, the first 3D open-world game in video game history and pioneer in the modern action-adventure genre. Road Rage PS4 — Digital, Retail Road Rage is an over-the-top, knock-down-drag-out motorcycle combat game that tests your skill on a range of badass bikes. Race, fight, and hustle your way through the ranks of an insane outlaw motorcycle gang. School Girl/Zombie Hunter PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out 11/17) Set in the Onechanbara universe and taking place at the prestigious Kirisaku High School (known for its balanced curriculum of sports and academics), this is a story of survival: five students cut off from the outside world and surrounded by a seemingly endless flood of zombie hordes. The Sims 4 PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out 11/17) Enjoy the power to create and control people in a virtual world where there are no rules. Be powerful and free, have fun, and play with life! Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out 11/17) Embark on an endless Star Wars action experience from the bestselling franchise. Rush through waves of enemies on Starkiller Base. Line up your X-wing squadron from an attack on a mammoth First Order Star Destroyer in space. Or rise as a new hero — Iden, an elite Imperial special forces soldier — and discover an emotional and gripping single-player story spanning thirty years. Tokyo Tattoo Girls PS Vita — Digital, Retail It’s time to show off that ink! Enter the world of Tokyo Tattoo Girls, where you will select a companion girl and battle the Syndicate by conquering the 23 Wards of Tokyo! Power up your companion with gorgeous Japanese tattoos and unleash her true power! VA-11 HALL-A PS Vita — Digital VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is a booze em’ up about waifus, technology, and post-dystopia life. Danny Elfman – Justice League Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Joseph Trapanese – Need for Speed™ Payback Bullet for My Valentine – Live From Brixton: Chapter Two, Night One Logan Lucky Il Behaviour- November 13 at 10:30/9:30c (Showtime) Damnation- November 14 at 10/9c (USA) Search Party- November 19 at 10/9c (TBS) The information above is subject to change without notice. View the full article
  4. Shooty Fruity is coming to PlayStation VR this Christmas. Haven’t heard anything about the game yet? Well, it’s a multi-tasking VR shooter that is only possible if you have two PS Move controllers. As the latest employee of Super Mega Mart you must do your job by scanning, serving and packing to earn tons of deadly weaponry that will protect you and the store from genetically modified fruit hell-bent on attacking you! It’s been going down a storm at events over the last few months and was voted the 5th top Rezzed game at EGX in September, and we can’t wait to get it into everyone’s hands later this year! We have 7 things we’d love to share with you about the game ahead of the launch! 1. You’re a Multi-Tasking Store Clerk… …And multi-taskers don’t just do one job — they do several! We already revealed the checkout job earlier in the year (have a look here if you want to see more) and now we’re delighted to show the canteen job for the first time. Become a key component in the pre-processed food packing industry and ensure everyone can have a high calorie, low nutrition meal ready to heat at home. Placing freeze dried food sachets onto the right tray compartment may seem simple, until you have an angry pomegranate firing its pips in your face and you realise that store management are refusing to slow down the line!   Any more jobs than these two? Absolutely, but you’ll need to wait until launch to see… 2. There’s an Entire ‘Career’ There’s stacks of different shifts to undertake across the game, each offering three unique challenges. Adjust your playing style and approach to each job shift to complete challenges that unlock new jobs, shifts, weaponry and high-tech powerups and may turn the tide in the ages old battle of man versus fruit. What’s more, killing overly aggressive fruit rewards you with ‘Juice’. Not just useful for tracking your high scores, Juice can be used for expanding your arsenal. Speaking of which… 3. Weapons can be bought from a Vending Machine Fancy a new more powerful weapon? Visit the ‘Vendomatic’ in the employee staff room to see what management are offering today. If you have the Juice, just tap in the number and voila, there’s your new Feckler 500 Flak Cannon!   Weapons come across multiple classes, from revolvers and SMGs to shotguns and high-explosives, and they all level up in very unlikely ways. That Flak Cannon we mentioned? That’s the level 2 shotgun. Just wait until you see level 3! 4. Loadouts can be fully customised and tested! Different weapons aren’t just there to make you feel like a juicier John McClane. Ahead of a shift you can freely customise your loadout to strategically balance the strengths and scarcity of each weapons, with weaknesses of fruit you may encounter. Fighting a ton of armoured watermelons then you’ll probably want the armour piercing Desert Fox revolver, whereas a small army of limes really need the awesome fire rate that only a Katastrakov assault rifle can offer. Simple! What’s more you can test your weapons on the firing range before hitting the job. The fruit is much cuter when it’s made of metal and not trying to kill you! 5. Become an Ingenious Demolitions Expert. Motion control allows you to interact with things in the game in playful ways like you could in real life and this is really evident with the explosives. Take the humble Fruitmentation grenade. Feel free to pull the pin out and throw it as normal, but why not throw two at once by pulling the pins with your mouth? Or throw a few into a nice pile and detonate them with a well-placed pistol shot? Or ‘serve’ them with your hand like a tennis ball? Totally up to you!   There’s also the C4 Slingshot. Strategically place your explosives and then kaboom – you have yourself a smoothie.   Is there more explodey things? Well, you’ll need to wait and see won’t you? 6. Chill out in the Staff Room The staff room is your central hub between shifts. See how you rate at the leaderboard arcade machine, purchase new weapons from the Vendomatic, before selecting your shift and customising your loadout at the locker. Want to have a bit of a break instead? Well just kick back and have a coffee! 7. The Night Shift is only For the Brave Think oranges, melons and ninja limes are totally not scary? You’ve never been on the night shift checkout… Want More? Well, we’ll give you more… soon! We’ll be revealing more of the game ahead of its launch on December 19. Also, if you get the game at launch or over the holiday period you get free in-game content. plus some themes and avatars too. Call it an extra Christmas present from Super Mega Mart to you! View the full article
  5. To get in the holiday spirit, we’ve got some amazing Black Friday deals to share with you. We’re celebrating Black Friday early and for an entire week this year in the U.S., starting on November 19 through Cyber Monday on November 27, at participating retailers while supplies last. First up, all PlayStation VR bundles will be available at a great deal at participating retailers. This includes the recently announced PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle at $299.99 USD (MSRP) and PlayStation VR Skyrim VR Bundle at $349.99 USD (MSRP). There has never been a better time to jump into the driver’s seat in GT Sport for a heightened VR experience, or transport yourself into the virtual open game world of The Elder Scrolls filled with dragon-fighting action. For PlayStation 4, the standard slim 1TB system in Jet Black will be available at $199.99 USD. This is the perfect time to pick up a PS4 as a gift for the special gamer in your life, or as a treat for yourself. You can also stock up on additional DualShock 4 wireless controllers while you’re at it. All DS4 controllers, including the recently released translucent colors, will start at $39.99 USD (MSRP) at participating retailers. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll get exclusive early access to some of the biggest deals in the PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale starting on November 17. PS Plus members will find deals of up to 40% off on the hottest blockbuster titles. Even if you’re not a PS Plus member, you still can take advantage of the Black Friday deals at PS Store starting November 21 through 8am PT November 28. We’ll have more details on PS Store Black Friday offers in the coming days, so stay tuned. Thanks to all of our fans for continuing to make PS4 the top selling game console and PlayStation the best place to play. We’re looking forward to another amazing holiday season and hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! View the full article
  6. Amazing visuals and an intriguing concept – if you were watching the PlayStation Media Showcase during Paris Games Week, you can’t have failed to notice Concrete Genie, Pixelopus’ unique third person 3D action adventure, which stole everybody’s heart. It’s only the studio’s second title (after Entwined) but it’s already cementing itself as one of 2018’s bright spots on PlayStation 4. As lonely protagonist Ash, you’re tasked with bringing a polluted town back to life with magic paint, by using the Dualshock 4’s motion controls to freely draw friendly and helpful creatures on its crumbling walls. There’s a lot to feel good about in the game, so here’s six reasons why Concrete Genie should put a smile on anyone’s face. Listen to the score of Concrete Genie’s announce trailer, debuted at Paris Games Week 2017. Written by Pixelopus’ composer and audio director, Sam Marshall. 1. It’s about the power of creativity Development for Concrete Genie started in 2015, born from the desire to tell a tale which showed how empowering the feeling of creation can be. “We had a lot of combined experiences in the team to help inspire the game,” says creative director Dominic Robilliard. “One of our designers comes from a fishing town in China where the children painted lots of bright drawings on the walls to make the town more beautiful and lively. “I also took inspiration from the long history of my hometown Bristol’s urban illustration and street art, which is where artists like Banksy and Inkie are from. We wanted to celebrate that expression of joy and freedom via Ash bringing his paintings to life.” 2. There’s a positive, universal message The sensitive subject of bullying isn’t an easy one to tackle, but Pixelopus’ game is handling it with a thoughtful tone where the darkness of Ash’s struggles are balanced against the vibrancy brought about by his creativity. “During the early stages of conception, our VFX artist created a picture of a boy painting characters on a wall to stand up to bullies,” explains Dominic. “That sparked a lot of conversation, and we all started sharing individual stories of bullying. “Between that and our experimentation with painting, we thought we could make a really interesting exploration of that theme. There’s darkness there, but there’s also optimism in Ash’s journey against the bullies, which the player takes a meaningful part in.” Not only that, but Concrete Genie also delivers an ecological theme as Ash’s beautiful living artwork cleans up his desolate and polluted town. As you advance through the game you can return to previously completed areas and use different paint styles and brushes to improve the environment. 3. You don’t need to be an artist If your artistic talent only stretches to stick figures, don’t worry. Pixelopus’ design philosophy is very clear: with the Dualshock 4’s motion controls, everyone can create something amazing. “We’ve carefully selected all the artistic elements so you don’t have to think about layers or anything too complicated when creating pretty landscapes,” says Dominic. “There’s no penalty or requirement to paint in any particular way. It just works for someone like me, who can’t draw. But if you are artistic, you can still orchestrate that image the way you want.” “And there’s no pressure to make a perfect illustration,” adds Art Director Jeff Sangalli. “The game doesn’t judge you, and you can be abstract if you want. So if you want flowers hanging upside down, coming from the sky, or create a creature with 50 tails and horns growing from those tails, that’s fine!” 4. Your artwork really is living… and reacting Ash’s paintings don’t just look pretty – they have physics and, in the case of the creatures, artificial intelligence. So your painted lily pads will spread out and bloom over time, while a sun or moon will illuminate the rest of the elements in your illustration. You can even add weather effects, like rain and thunderstorms. And the creatures you create sport a variety of personalities and attributes based on how you draw them, although most will happily interact with each other and your landscapes, peeking around the trees you paint, going for a swim, picking leaves off the ground, using flowers as an umbrella… and that’s just for starters. “The creatures get sad when you leave, and are happy when you come back,” says Jeff. “And when I’m painting an environment, they’ll follow and watch what you’re doing. You can call out to them as well and sometimes they’ll come over, if they feel like it!” “Sometimes you’re never sure how a creature will react,” laughs Dominic. “When I was creating the PGW trailer, I would start painting to capture a scene and another creature would suddenly come into shot and photobomb it! It’s fun to see these unexpected things happen and when you have a base set of systemic interactions, you get these wonderful emergent reactions.” 5. Sharing is caring Given all the unique possibilities of your creation, it’s only fitting that Pixelopus wants you to spread the joy. “Because you can paint freely anywhere in the game world, everyone’s towns will look different,” says Dominic. “So we really hope players will use the social features of PS4 and share their versions of the town. We’re looking into other ways that may help you share your creations, too…” 6. The team is already buzzing off your buzz After the great initial reaction to Concrete Genie, Pixelopus is even more energised to get the game in your hands. “The PlayStation Showcase was a really emotional ride,” says Dominic. “We videoed the whole experience and wrote a long email to the team back home. It’s been a great burst of enthusiasm and inspiration to get this out there, especially with the response being so great. “The team’s mission is still the same – we want to give newcomers to the industry the perfect start to making games, and that’s something that we still hold on to very dearly. “There are less than 20 of us in the core team and we all wear our hearts on our sleeves when it comes to the game – the optimism and the style of tone that Concrete Genie offers is something precious to us.” View the full article
  7. Hello everyone! This is Shawn from Against Gravity, makers of Rec Room. We launched the Rec Room PlayStation VR closed beta last month and the response from the community has been incredible! In order to include as many people as possible in the beta we’ve decided to launch in open beta at PlayStation Store on Tuesday, November 21. Rec Room is a virtual reality social club where you can play games with friends from all around the world. Both the open beta and full release will be free and feature cross platform play! We’ve also created an exclusive paintball burst rifle skin for PlayStation Plus members, although Rec Room does not require PlayStation Plus to play. When you launch Rec Room for the first time you’ll start in your dorm room where you can create and stylize your avatar. From there you can head out into the Rec Center to interact with players from around the world or go straight into one of the many activities. Rec Room features paintball, epic co-op quests and adventures, disc golf, charades, and more. If you’re more of the creative type check out the maker pen, sandbox machine, and custom rooms. Custom rooms allow you to host your own private instance of any Rec Room activity. You can enable sandbox mode to decorate your space, create minigames, or host events! We’re always expanding our suite of creative tools and are looking forward to seeing what the PS VR community creates. One of our core principles at Against Gravity is that we ship quickly and iterate constantly. We like to learn by trying new things and listening to our players. Along with hanging out in-game and monitoring all of our forums and social channels, we hold a developer Q&A event in the Rec Room theater every two weeks. One question we get a lot at these events is “When will there be a new quest, and what will it be!?”. Rec Room quests are challenging co-op adventures where up to four players must defeat a series of monsters, puzzles, and other challenges as a team. Today we thought we would show a piece of concept art for the next quest we’re working on. Expect to see this pirate-themed quest go live sometime in early 2018. We can’t wait to welcome all of you into the Rec Room community and we look forward to hearing your feedback during the beta. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in game! View the full article
  8. What if your loved ones suddenly vanished? What if you realized your most precious memories were slowly slipping away? Such is the premise of Lost Sphear, the second project from Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory, the studio that hopes its latest genre entry will also stir the memories of those of us reared on 90’s RPGs. When Square Enix unveiled the studio at E3 back in 2015, its unspoken objective seemed clear: to create games that captured the spirit of the publisher’s earliest works – Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana. The games that made fans fall in love with Square in the first place. It’s a design philosophy that shaped the studio’s debut, I Am Setsuna, as well as this new genre entry, which will also stir the memories of those of us reared on 90’s RPGs. If the brief hands-on I had at a recent event is representative of the full game, then the studio looks set to achieve that goal; I count myself as one of those players, and the game’s adherence to classic genre values strongly resonated with me during the play session. But even if you’ve never played any of the entries from that era, you may find the studio’s love letter to the past – turn-based gameplay, charming cast, melancholic story, vibrant hand-painted art and piano-based music – something to treasure. We had the chance to ask Lost Sphear’s Director, Atsushi Hashimoto, a few questions about this new title and the vision behind it. Why a studio was created to re-imagine the classic RPG for a new generation What makes this era so important to you and what do you feel it offers to an audience that they might not find in other games? Hashimoto: “At Tokyo RPG Factory we want to make the kind of games that will not lose their lustre after ten years or more, and the types of games that remain in our own memories like those RPGs that we played in the 90’s. The fact that these games very much continue to influence us is a big reason. “In the RPGs of the 90’s, there was a lot more room for player interpretation about how the characters they were playing actually felt during their adventures. You don’t really see many games like that nowadays, so we want people to be able to enjoy filling in the gaps with their imagination in our games.” It’s been a long time since this classic type of games was popular – how have the vast improvements in technology allowed you to develop the genre? Has it allowed you to do things that might not have been possible in the PS1/PS2 era? Hashimoto: ”Thanks to the advances in technology, we were able to realize the unique graphical depictions in all the game’s detailed backgrounds, with their special hand-drawn feel. We chose this hand-drawn style for the visuals of Lost Sphear, but nowadays we really have a lot more options to choose from for the graphics, so there are many more ways we can stimulate the imagination of players. I think that was something that was difficult to do in the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 era.” What are the biggest challenges with trying to bring back a classic genre and re-imagining it for a new audience that may be more familiar with contemporary styles? When you’re creating these games, do you think more about creating something for the players who fondly remember these games or are you targeting players who missed out on these sorts of games in the past? Hashimoto: ”We try to be aware of what the older players who played all those classic RPGs back in the 90’s are after, while at the same time also want younger players to play our games too, so it takes quite a while to find that perfect sweet spot. It is very hard trying to decide what needs changing and what cannot be changed. With I Am Setsuna, there was a bit of a gap between our vision about the game and those of the actual players – a few people were surprised by the absence of inns for example – so we took a lot of the player feedback from Setsuna into account when developing Lost Sphear.” Refining the formula from I Am Setsuna Is Lost Sphear an entirely new story or can players expect to find hints from I Am Setsuna? Hashimoto: ”The story of Lost Sphear is completely unrelated to that of I Am Setsuna and has been developed as a completely new game in its own right, so you don’t have to have played I Am Setsuna in order to enjoy it 100%. Having said that, some of the terminology used in I Am Setsuna is carried over into Lost Sphear, so those who have played I Am Setsuna may be able to read something a little deeper into it. You are free to let your imaginations run wild about the two games of course, and I would be delighted to see people doing so!” A lot of people really related to the characters in I Am Setsuna – were you tempted to make a direct sequel? What informed the decision to start with a new story? Hashimoto: ”We considered the story in I Am Setsuna to be complete in itself, so we didn’t want to try to fix something that was not broken by doing a sequel. Accordingly, we decided from the first planning stages to carry over some of the same concepts from Setsuna while developing a completely new RPG in its own right.” Lost Sphear’s battle system and soundtrack Can you tell us a little bit about how Lost Sphear’s battle system differs from the one in I Am Setsuna? What was the gameplay focus when creating Lost Sphear? Hashimoto: ”The easiest change to understand is how you can now move about freely during battle. There were many people who played I Am Setsuna who said it would have been nice to be able to do that, so we altered the system based on their feedback. In addition, another new element unique to Lost Sphear is that you can now ride in Vulcosuit exo-armour and use an array of special ‘Paradigm Drive’ attacks that have different effects for each character. “The core of the gameplay in Lost Sphear is linked to the key word of “memory” that we set down to inform the whole game. The idea of “memory” plays a very important role in the events of Lost Sphear’s story, but it also runs throughout the gameplay itself. You can use memory items on the world map to create artefacts and apply various special effects to battles and some other aspects of the game. I think these mechanics will give players great experiences that you cannot get in other games.” I Am Setsuna had a very distinctive piano based soundtrack that received a lot of praise. Can you tell us a little bit about Lost Sphear’s soundtrack? Hashimoto: ”The music for I Am Setsuna was very well received, so we decided right from the start that we would go for largely piano-based music for Lost Sphear as well. However, Lost Sphear has a lot more variation in the field locations you can visit in comparison with I Am Setsuna, so we eventually settled on a concept of having each track done with a piano and one other instrument for each piece. In this way we managed to carry over what made Setsuna’s music so good, while also taking on the challenge of creating something new as well.” What’s the one thing you’d really like to achieve with Lost Sphear that you didn’t get a chance to do in I Am Setsuna? Hashimoto: ”It is something quite small, but I would have to say including inns. It was not just that of course, and with I Am Setsuna we set the level of civilisation and technological development pretty low and made it so that there were very few fellow travellers in that world. This led us to not include a number of features that are very standard in most RPGs. With Lost Sphear, we put many of those classic “must have” RPG elements back and hope to see knowing smiles from the people who played the RPGs of the 90’s.” Last question, if you had a chance to ‘remake’ or ‘create a new chapter for’ one classic franchise, which would it be? Hashimoto:  “The Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and SaGa series that have all had a huge influence on me are all still going, so if you exclude those then it becomes a very difficult question indeed, but I would probably have to say Xenogears.” View the full article
  9. What happens when the most magical couple in the land breaks up? The so-called Wicked Witch of the West steals all the Wizard’s stuff, just to dump it across the land of Oz, of course. Being the whiny little Wizard he is, and with a head as big as his ego, he blackmails you – Dorothy – into doing his dirty work and picking up all his junk, as he sends you on an errand to exact a little payback on his “witch” of an ex-girlfriend. All I can say is, Run Dorothy, Run! Fortunately for you, your feet can stay planted—with Dorothy’s magical shoes, the running is done for you, transporting you through this endless-rhythm-runner as you explore the fantastical lands of Oz. Set to an amazing electro-swing beat and created specifically to make the most of being in a virtual reality world, Run Dorothy Run has a core game mechanic that will challenge the most advanced VR players, while offering a fun entry-level experience for newcomers. Everyone at Virtro is incredibly excited to be launching Run Dorothy Run, and we can’t believe how far it’s come from the start. We’ve made it our labour of love to provide you with a game you can laugh at, feel challenged by, play at a leisurely pace, and share with your friends for a competitive (and cheeky) adventure! You don’t have long to wait—Run Dorothy Run is coming first to PS VR on December 12th, 2017. View the full article
  10. PlayStation App Gets a Whole New Look

    PlayStation App lets you stay connected to your PlayStation 4 experience wherever you go, and today it is being updated with a completely new design, providing you with a more intuitive and smoother experience to stay connected to your friends and the games you love to play. A change you’ll notice when you boot up the PS App, are the new tabs at the bottom of the screen for popular features such as What’s New, Friends, and your Profile. It’s now easier and faster to switch between viewing who’s online, what they are playing, and keeping up with the latest activities and posts from your friends and the PlayStation community. You can now also easily access PlayStation Store, voucher code redemption, and other popular apps and features, including Events, Trophies, PlayStation Plus, and a list of new and upcoming PlayStation 4 games by using the new blue PlayStation button at the bottom. After the update, the Live from PlayStation feature will no longer be accessible on PS App but you will still be able to spectate the countless game broadcasts from the dashboard of your PS4. Also, the PS4 Second Screen functionality is now a separate standalone app, allowing you to easily switch between its features and the PS App. Just as a reminder, Second Screen can be used as a keyboard to enter text on your PS4 from your mobile device, and also works with games that have a Second Screen feature. If you don’t already have PS App installed in your mobile devices, it’s free to download through the App Store on iOS 9.0 or later and through Google Play on Android 4.1 or later. There are more improvements coming to PS App in the future, so stay tuned! Let us know what you think of PS App’s new look in the comments below. View the full article
  11. In bringing the “League of War” universe to PS VR, MunkyFun had a number of options. We wanted the game to be “pick up and play” for anyone, while also having deeper strategy for the more serious gamers. But one of the biggest considerations for us was to push hard on developing the two-player head to head aspect of the game, to effectively bring “Social” to VR. For many of us in the game community, nothing screams “video game fun” more than a couple of friends on a couch, competitively mashing their buttons and joysticks at each other. Whether it’s a pair of fighters duking it out in the street, or a classic sports game, video game consoles have been built for head-to-head gaming for almost 40 years now. And that’s the experience we wanted to bring to the PS VR with League of War: VR Arena. A key component of Sony PS VR is the Social Screen in the living room. So we went to work. At a minimum, your non-gamer friends can now follow your exploits close up on the battlefield by using the interactive spectator camera that we implemented for the Social Screen. But most importantly, for your gaming family and friends, we are proud to say that we have implemented an Arcade mode that allows the Social Screen player to enter into head-to-head play with the VR player. How does it work? With the Social Screen, League of War players don’t have to passively sit on the sidelines while their VR headset-wearing buddy is blowing up wave after wave of virtual tanks and choppers. By simply grabbing a standard Dualshock controller and pressing a button, League of War allows players to jump into the game and challenge their VR pals head-to-head for military supremacy. It’s the primal arcade experience, brought to the world of VR. So grab a friend, download League of War: VR Arena, and start having fun blowing each other to smithereens – it’s the Social VR experience you’ve been waiting for. View the full article
  12. Land on the beaches of Normandy and battle across Europe in the next chapter of the world-renowned series. Call of Duty: WWII launches November 3 on PS4. Developed by the team at Sledgehammer Games, Call of Duty: WWII returns to the roots of the series with a heart-pounding campaign that winds through a world at war. Witness a story of brotherhood, or enter the online arena and compete against other players in a fast-paced game of skill. Call of Duty: WWII also features a new cooperative experience that tells a terrifying original story. For the full list of new games next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop! New Releases: Week of October 31, 2017 .Hack//G.U. Last Recode PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out 11/3) Log back into the .hack//G.U. trilogy and return to “The World,” as Haseo tracks down Tri-Edge in .hack//G.U. Last Recode, now with enhanced graphics, improved gameplay, and brand new modes! 8-Bit Adventure Anthology: Volume I PS4 — Digital 8-bit Adventure Anthology is a compilation featuring faithful remakes of three of the best 8-bit point & click adventure games ever made. Now is your chance to play Shadowgate, The Uninvited, and Déjà Vu the way they were supposed to be played — with a controller in hand and worlds waiting to be explored! Ben 10 PS4 — Digital As Ben Tennyson, it’s up to you to save the world. Take on some of Ben’s most infamous enemies, including Zombozo, Queen Bee, and the Weatherheads. Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back PS4 — Digital, Retail Our favorite Bobcat is making a triumphant return 20 years after virtually disappearing from the world stage. Yes, that’s right, Bubsy is back and starring in an all new adventure, Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back! Call of Duty: WWII PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out 11/3) Call of Duty returns to its roots with Call of Duty: WWII — a breathtaking experience that redefines World War II for a new gaming generation. Pox Nora PS Vita — Digital Command armies of fantastic creatures, cast spells of devastating power, and summon relics of ancient renown to defeat opponents in Pox Nora! Rabi-Ribi PS4, PS Vita — Digital Erina’s humdrum life as a regular rabbit is turned upside-down when she finds herself in an unknown world and turned into a human! Along the way she meets the cheerful pink-haired fairy, Ribbon, who mysteriously chooses to stay by Erina’s side… Sokoban Next PS Vita — Digital (Out 11/1) Play the world’s favorite puzzle game on a brand new level: if you liked the original, you’ll love Sokoban Next! Spintires: MudRunner PS4 — Digital, Retail Spintires: MudRunner is the ultimate version of the million-seller hit Spintires for the first time on consoles. The game puts you in the driver’s seat of incredible all-terrain vehicles, venturing across extreme landscapes with only a map and compass as guides! Steven Universe: Save the Light PS4 — Digital Join the Crystal Gems on the ultimate quest! A mysterious new Gem has stolen a powerful weapon. Only Steven and his friends have what it takes to stop her. Stranger Things: Music From The Netflix Original Series Hollywood Undead – Five Weezer – Pacific Daydream Cars 3 (plus bonus features) Major Crimes- October 31 at 9/8c (TNT) Stan Against Evil- November 1 at 10/9c (IFC) Shameless- November 5 at 9/8c (Showtime) The information above is subject to change without notice. View the full article
  13. The year is winding to a close, but PlayStation is just getting started. This Monday, October 30, PlayStation’s Paris Games Week Media Showcase will begin at 9:00am Pacific Time. But plan to tune in early at 8:00am! We’ll begin with an introductory livestream featuring 21 game updates, including seven all-new game announcements for PS4 and PS VR. You won’t want to miss it. Then at 9:00am, our Media Showcase will give you an exclusive new look at the next wave of huge PlayStation titles. After the Showcase, stick around — we’ll dive deeper into the biggest announcements coming out of Paris Games Week. It’s going to be a wild day. Hope you can join us! We’ll be streaming live on live.playstation.com, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. La Grande Arche © 2017 Johan Otto Von Spreckelsen View the full article
  14. Greetings gamers and congratulations on surviving Sale of the Dead Week 1! For week 2 PlayStation Store is offering up even more titles that will have your heart pounding and your brain telling you not to open that door. Loot demonic dungeons, survive the night while being stalked by a killer, or take on the undead; all for up to 50 percent off (60 percent for Plus members). And don’t forget the added bonus of 14 days of free live TV through PlayStation Vue with any Sale of the Dead purchase. If you are brave enough, visit Playstation Store through the weekend where you can pick up games like Diablo III: Eternal Collection, 7 Days to Die, Dead by Daylight: Special Edition, and more! Check out the complete list of titles below. But don’t wait too long! PlayStation Store will be cleansed and Sale of the Dead Week 2 will be sent back from whence it came October 31st at 8 a.m. PT. Games Week 2 Platform Title Sale Price PS Plus Price Original Price PS4 2DARK $20.99 $17.99 $29.99 PS4 7 DAYS TO DIE $13.49 $10.49 $29.99 PS4 ALIEN: ISOLATION $8.99 $5.99 $29.99 PS4 ARCANIA – THE COMPLETE TALE $5.99 $3.99 $19.99 PS4 DARK ARCANA: THE CARNIVAL $6.99 $5.99 $9.99 PS4 DARKSIDERS II DEATHINITIVE EDITION $8.99 $5.99 $29.99 PS4 DEAD BY DAYLIGHT $20.99 $17.99 $29.99 PS4 DEAD NATION $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS4 DECEPTION: THE NIGHTMARE PRINCESS $24.99 $19.99 $49.99 PS4 DETENTION $10.39 $9.09 $12.99 PS4 DIABLO III: ETERNAL COLLECTION $41.99 $35.99 $59.99 PS4 GAME OF THRONES – SEASON PASS $7.49 $4.99 $24.99 PS4 GRAND THEFT AUTO ONLINE MEGALODON SHARK CASH CARD $94.99 $84.99 $99.99 PS4 GRAND THEFT AUTO V $35.99 $29.99 $59.99 PS4 GRAND THEFT AUTO V & GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS $44.99 $37.49 $74.99 PS4 GRAND THEFT AUTO V & MEGALODON SHARK CASH CARD BUNDLE $67.99 $54.39 $135.99 PS4 GRAND THEFT AUTO V & WHALE SHARK CARD BUNDLE $54.44 $44.54 $98.99 PS4 GRIM FANDANGO REMASTERED $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS4 HOW TO SURVIVE 2 $5.24 $3.74 $14.99 PS4 INSIDE & LIMBO BUNDLE $20.99 $17.99 $29.99 PS4 MANHUNT $8.99 $7.49 $14.99 PS4 ORGAN TRAIL COMPLETE EDITION $2.99 $1.99 $9.99 PS4 PREY $29.99 $26.79 $39.99 PS4 PSYCHONAUTS (PS2 CLASSIC) $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS4 RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS $15.99 $13.99 $19.99 PS4 THE EVIL WITHIN $11.99 $9.99 $19.99 PS4 THE EVIL WITHIN DIGITAL BUNDLE $17.99 $14.99 $29.99 PS4 THE LAST OF US REMASTERED $11.99 $9.99 $19.99 PS4 THE LAST OF US: LEFT BEHIND STAND ALONE $5.99 $4.99 $9.99 PS4 THE ORDER: 1886 $5.99 $3.99 $19.99 PS4 THE SWAPPER $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS4 THE VANISHING OF ETHAN CARTER $5.99 $3.99 $19.99 PS4 THE WARRIORS $8.99 $7.49 $14.99 PS4 TROVE: GOURDZILLA PACK $11.99 $10.49 $14.99 PS4 UNTIL DAWN $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS4 XCOM 2 $29.99 $23.99 $59.99 PS4 XCOM 2 DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION $37.49 $29.99 $74.99 PS4 ZOMBI $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS3 BLOODRAYNE (PS2 CLASSIC) $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS3 BLOODRAYNE 2 (PS2 CLASSIC) $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS3 CASTLEVANIA CHRONICLES (PSONE CLASSIC) $3.59 $2.99 $5.99 PS3 CASTLEVANIA: LAMENT OF INNOCENCE (PS2 CLASSIC) $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS3 CASTLEVANIA: SOTN (PSONE CLASSIC) $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS3 CATHERINE $5.99 $3.99 $19.99 PS3 DEAD NATION $2.39 $1.59 $7.99 PS3 DECEPTION: THE NIGHTMARE PRINCESS $24.99 $19.99 $49.99 PS3 DIABLO III: REAPER OF SOULS – ULTIMATE EVIL EDITION $14.99 $11.99 $29.99 PS3 FATAL FRAME (PS2 CLASSIC) $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS3 FATAL FRAME II: CRIMSON BUTTERFLY (PS2 CLASSIC) $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS3 FATAL FRAME III: THE TORMENTED (PS2 CLASSIC) $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS3 GAME OF THRONES – SEASON PASS $5.99 $3.99 $19.99 PS3 MANHUNT (PS2 CLASSIC) $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS3 NAUGHTY BEAR PANIC IN PARADISE $5.24 $3.74 $14.99 PS3 PAINKILLER HELL & DAMNATION $5.99 $1.99 $19.99 PS3 RED DEAD REDEMPTION AND UNDEAD NIGHTMARE COLLECTION $13.99 $9.99 $39.99 PS3 RED DEAD REDEMPTION UNDEAD NIGHTMARE PACK $5.99 $4.99 $9.99 PS3 RED DEAD REDEMPTION: UNDEAD NIGHTMARE $7.49 $5.99 $14.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL 2 (PSONE CLASSIC) $2.09 $1.49 $5.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL 3: NEMESIS (PSONE CLASSIC) $1.79 $1.19 $5.99 PS3 SILENT HILL (PSONE CLASSIC) $3.59 $2.99 $5.99 PS3 SIREN (PS2 CLASSIC) $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS3 SIREN: BLOOD CURSE EPISODES 1-12 $6.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS3 SYBERIA $4.49 $1.49 $14.99 PS3 SYBERIA II $4.49 $1.49 $14.99 PS3 THE BUREAU: XCOM DECLASSIFIED $5.99 $3.99 $19.99 PS3 THE SWAPPER $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS3 XCOM: ENEMY WITHIN $8.99 $5.99 $29.99 PS3 ZOMBIE TYCOON II: BRAINHOV’S REVENGE $1.49 $0.99 $4.99 PS VITA DEAD NATION $2.39 $1.59 $7.99 PS VITA DECEPTION: THE NIGHTMARE PRINCESS $19.99 $15.99 $39.99 PS VITA GRIM FANDANGO REMASTERED $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS VITA ORGAN TRAIL COMPLETE EDITION $2.99 $1.99 $9.99 PS VITA PIXELJUNK MONSTERS: ULTIMATE HD $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS VITA THE SWAPPER $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS VITA ZOMBIE TYCOON II: BRAINHOV’S REVENGE $1.49 $0.99 $4.99 PS4 101 WAYS TO DIE $4.99 $3.99 $9.99 PS4 ABYSS ODYSSEY: EXTENDED DREAM EDITION $7.49 $3.74 $14.99 PS4 ADK TAMASHII $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS4 ALIEN: ISOLATION – THE COLLECTION $19.99 $11.99 $39.99 PS4 AMONG THE SLEEP $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS4 BANNED FOOTAGE VOL.1 $7.99 $6.99 $9.99 PS4 BANNED FOOTAGE VOL.2 $11.99 $10.49 $14.99 PS4 BIOSHOCK: THE COLLECTION $35.99 $29.99 $59.99 PS4 BLOODY ZOMBIES (VR) $11.09 $9.59 $14.99 PS4 BLUE ESTATE – THE GAME $4.54 $3.24 $12.99 PS4 CLAIRE $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS4 CRYPT OF THE NECRODANCER $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS4 DAYDREAMER: AWAKENED EDITION $4.99 $3.99 $9.99 PS4 DAYLIGHT $7.49 $3.74 $14.99 PS4 DEAD ALLIANCE $15.99 $11.99 $39.99 PS4 DEAD ISLAND DEFINITIVE COLLECTION $19.99 $11.99 $39.99 PS4 DEAD ISLAND DEFINITIVE EDITION $6.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS4 DEAD ISLAND RETRO REVENGE $2.49 $1.99 $4.99 PS4 DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE DEFINITIVE EDITION $6.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS4 DEAD RISING $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 DEAD RISING 2 $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 DEAD RISING 2 OFF THE RECORD $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 DEAD RISING TRIPLE PACK $29.74 $23.79 $59.49 PS4 DEADLIGHT: DIRECTOR’S CUT $7.49 $4.49 $14.99 PS4 DEVIL MAY CRY 4 SPECIAL EDITION $14.99 $12.49 $24.99 PS4 DMC DEVIL MAY CRY: DEFINITIVE EDITION $15.99 $11.99 $39.99 PS4 DMC4SE DEMON HUNTER BUNDLE $21.59 $17.99 $35.99 PS4 DOODLE DEVIL $2.39 $1.79 $5.99 PS4 DYING : REBORN STANDARD $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS4 DYING : REBORN VR (VR) $4.99 $2.99 $9.99 PS4 DYING LIGHT: THE FOLLOWING – ENHANCED EDITION $23.99 $20.99 $29.99 PS4 DYING: REBORN ULTIMATE BUNDLE $12.49 $7.49 $24.99 PS4 FORTNITE – DELUXE FOUNDER’S PACK $41.99 $35.99 $59.99 PS4 FORTNITE – LIMITED EDITION FOUNDER’S PACK $104.99 $89.99 $149.99 PS4 FORTNITE – STANDARD FOUNDER’S PACK $27.99 $23.99 $39.99 PS4 FORTNITE – SUPER DELUXE FOUNDER’S PACK $62.99 $53.99 $89.99 PS4 FUUUN SUPER COMBO $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS4 GHOSTBUSTERS $14.99 $9.99 $49.99 PS4 GOAT SIMULATOR: GOATZ $1.99 $1.49 $4.99 PS4 GUACAMELEE! SUPER TURBO CHAMPION EDITION $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS4 GUNS GORE AND CANNOLI $4.99 $3.99 $9.99 PS4 HOME – A UNIQUE HORROR ADVENTURE $2.49 $1.99 $4.99 PS4 HOW TO SURVIVE: STORM WARNING EDITION $5.99 $3.99 $19.99 PS4 IRON CRYPTICLE $5.99 $4.99 $9.99 PS4 KHOLAT $6.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS4 KILLALLZOMBIES $6.99 $5.59 $13.99 PS4 KILLING FLOOR 2 $19.99 $15.99 $39.99 PS4 LAYERS OF FEAR $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 LAYERS OF FEAR: INHERITANCE $2.99 $2.49 $4.99 PS4 LAYERS OF FEAR: MASTERPIECE EDITION $9.19 $6.89 $22.99 PS4 LIFELESS PLANET: PREMIER EDITION $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 LONE SURVIVOR: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT $2.99 $1.99 $9.99 PS4 MANUAL SAMUEL $5.99 $3.99 $9.99 PS4 METAL SLUG 3 $7.49 $5.99 $14.99 PS4 METAL SLUG ANTHOLOGY (PS2 CLASSIC) $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS4 NIGHTMARES FROM THE DEEP: THE CURSED HEART $4.99 $2.99 $9.99 PS4 NIGHTMARES FROM THE DEEP: THE SIREN`S CALL $4.99 $2.99 $9.99 PS4 OASIS GAMES HORROR VR BUNDLE $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS4 OBSERVER $20.99 $17.99 $29.99 PS4 OUTLAST $6.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS4 OUTLAST 2 $20.99 $17.99 $29.99 PS4 OUTLAST: BUNDLE OF TERROR (OUTLAST + WHISTLEBLOWER) $10.14 $7.24 $28.99 PS4 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE LOST SOUL (VR) $27.99 $24.79 $39.99 PS4 PARTY HARD $7.79 $3.24 $12.99 PS4 PLAGUE ROAD $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS4 PLANTS VS ZOMBIES GARDEN WARFARE $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES GARDEN WARFARE 2: DELUXE EDITION $12.49 $8.24 $24.99 PS4 PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES GARDEN WARFARE 2: STANDARD EDITION $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 POLTERGEIST: A PIXELATED HORROR $2.39 $1.59 $7.99 PS4 RESIDENT EVIL (PS4 HD REMASTER) $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 RESIDENT EVIL 0 $11.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 RESIDENT EVIL 4 $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 RESIDENT EVIL 5 $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 RESIDENT EVIL 6 $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS4 RESIDENT EVIL 7 BIOHAZARD $35.99 $29.99 $59.99 PS4 RESIDENT EVIL 7 BIOHAZARD DELUXE EDITION $53.99 $44.99 $89.99 PS4 RESIDENT EVIL 7 BIOHAZARD SEASON PASS $26.99 $23.99 $29.99 PS4 RESIDENT EVIL CODE VERONICA X $5.24 $3.74 $14.99 PS4 RESIDENT EVIL TRIPLE PACK $35.69 $29.74 $59.49 PS4 SAINTS ROW: GAT OUT OF HELL $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS4 SALT AND SANCTUARY $10.79 $8.99 $17.99 PS4 SAMURAI SHODOWN VI $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS4 SERIAL CLEANER $10.49 $7.49 $14.99 PS4 SHADWEN $5.09 $3.39 $16.99 PS4 SKULLGIRLS 2ND ENCORE $9.99 $7.49 $24.99 PS4 SLEEPING DOGS: DEFINITIVE EDITION $10.49 $7.49 $29.99 PS4 SLENDER: THE ARRIVAL $2.99 $1.99 $9.99 PS4 SUBTERRAIN $11.89 $7.64 $16.99 PS4 SURGEON SIMULATOR: A&E ANNIVERSARY EDITION $3.89 $1.94 $12.99 PS4 THARSIS $5.24 $3.74 $14.99 PS4 THE BUG BUTCHER $3.99 $2.49 $9.99 PS4 THE COMA: RECUT $12.74 $10.04 $14.99 PS4 THE ESCAPISTS + THE ESCAPISTS: THE WALKING DEAD COLLECTION $14.99 $8.99 $29.99 PS4 THE ESCAPISTS: THE WALKING DEAD $9.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS4 THE FALL $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS4 THE FINAL STATION $8.99 $3.74 $14.99 PS4 THE SEXY BRUTALE $13.99 $11.99 $19.99 PS4 THE TECHNOMANCER $13.99 $9.99 $39.99 PS4 THE TELLTALE UNDEAD SURVIVAL BUNDLE $27.49 $21.99 $54.99 PS4 THE WALKING DEAD – SEASON 2 $9.99 $7.49 $24.99 PS4 THE WALKING DEAD: A NEW FRONTIER SEASON PASS $13.74 $11.24 $24.99 PS4 THE WALKING DEAD: MICHONNE – A TELLTALE MINISERIES $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS4 THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON $9.99 $7.49 $24.99 PS4 THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT ? COMPLETE EDITION $24.99 $19.99 $49.99 PS4 THUMPER (VR) $11.99 $9.99 $19.99 PS4 TINY TROOPERS JOINT OPS COMPLETE BUNDLE $4.79 $3.19 $7.99 PS4 TITAN ATTACKS! $3.99 $2.99 $9.99 PS4 ULTRATRON $3.99 $2.99 $9.99 PS4 VACCINE $6.99 $5.49 $9.99 PS4 VERDUN $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS4 WARHAMMER: END TIMES – VERMINTIDE $17.49 $10.49 $34.99 PS4 WEEPING DOLL (VR) $3.99 $2.99 $9.99 PS4 WHAT REMAINS OF EDITH FINCH $14.99 $12.99 $19.99 PS4 WHITE NIGHT $7.49 $4.94 $14.99 PS4 ZERO ESCAPE: THE NONARY GAMES $34.99 $29.99 $49.99 PS4 ZOMBIE ARMY TRILOGY $14.99 $9.99 $49.99 PS4 ZOMBIE VIKINGS $4.79 $3.59 $11.99 PS3 ABYSS ODYSSEY $7.49 $3.74 $14.99 PS3 ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS $9.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS3 ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS ULTIMATE EDITION $9.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS3 ALIEN: ISOLATION $14.99 $8.99 $29.99 PS3 BIOSHOCK $4.99 $3.99 $9.99 PS3 BIOSHOCK 2 $4.99 $3.99 $9.99 PS3 BLOOD OMEN: LEGACY OF KAIN (PSONE CLASSIC) $1.79 $1.19 $5.99 PS3 CASTLEVANIA: HARMONY OF DESPAIR $5.24 $3.74 $14.99 PS3 CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW – MIRROR OF FATE HD $5.24 $3.74 $14.99 PS3 CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW 2 $13.99 $9.99 $39.99 PS3 DEAD ISLAND – FRANCHISE PACK $8.99 $5.99 $29.99 PS3 DEAD ISLAND GAME OF THE YEAR $9.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS3 DEAD ISLAND RIPTIDE $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS3 DEAD ISLAND RIPTIDE – COMPLETE EDITION $8.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS3 DEAD RISING 2 OFF THE RECORD $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS3 DEAD SPACE $7.49 $3.74 $14.99 PS3 DEAD SPACE 2 $9.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS3 DEAD SPACE 3 $9.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS3 DEAD SPACE 3 ULTIMATE EDITION $14.99 $7.49 $29.99 PS3 DEAD SPACE: DEAD SPACE ULTIMATE EDITION $12.49 $6.24 $24.99 PS3 DEMON’S SOULS $11.99 $9.99 $19.99 PS3 DEVIL MAY CRY HD COLLECTION $6.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS3 DMC DEVIL MAY CRY $6.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS3 DOODLE DEVIL $2.39 $1.79 $5.99 PS3 ESCAPE DEAD ISLAND $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS3 HELL YEAH! $7.49 $5.99 $14.99 PS3 HOW TO SURVIVE $2.99 $1.49 $14.99 PS3 I AM ALIVE DEMO $3.74 $2.24 $14.99 PS3 LARA CROFT AND THE GUARDIAN OF LIGHT TRIAL: RAZIEL & KAIN CHARACTER PACK $1.04 $0.69 $3.49 PS3 LEGACY OF KAIN: SOUL REAVER (PSONE CLASSIC) $1.79 $1.19 $5.99 PS3 LONE SURVIVOR: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT $2.99 $1.99 $9.99 PS3 METRO LAST LIGHT – COMPLETE EDITION $8.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS3 MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS3 OF ORCS AND MEN $6.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS3 PLANTS VS ZOMBIES GARDEN WARFARE $5.99 $4.99 $9.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL (HD REMASTER) $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL 4 $11.99 $9.99 $19.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL 5 GOLD EDITION $14.99 $11.99 $29.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL 6 $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL 6 ULTIMATE EDITION $12.59 $9.79 $27.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL CHRONICLES: HD COLLECTION $10.79 $8.09 $26.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL CODE VERONICA X HD $13.99 $11.99 $19.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL FRANCHISE PACK $29.99 $23.99 $59.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL HD BUNDLE $14.99 $11.99 $29.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL OPERATION RACCOON CITY $5.99 $3.99 $19.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS 2 – SEASON PASS $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS 2 DELUXE EDITION $14.99 $11.99 $29.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL: DELUXE ORIGINS BUNDLE $23.99 $15.99 $39.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL: THE DARKSIDE CHRONICLES $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL: THE UMBRELLA CHRONICLES $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS3 SAINTS ROW GAT OUT OF HELL $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS3 SLEEPING DOGS: NIGHTMARE IN NORTHPOINT $2.44 $1.74 $6.99 PS3 THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4 $5.99 $4.99 $9.99 PS3 THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD III $4.19 $3.49 $6.99 PS3 THE WALKING DEAD – SEASON PASS $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS3 THE WALKING DEAD 400 DAYS $1.99 $1.49 $4.99 PS3 THE WALKING DEAD: MICHONNE – A TELLTALE MINISERIES $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS3 THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON TWO – SEASON PASS $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS3 THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS3 ULTRATRON $3.99 $2.99 $9.99 PS3 YAKUZA DEAD SOULS $9.99 $4.99 $19.99 PS3 ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS3 ZOMBIE DRIVER COMPLETE EDITION $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS3 ZOMBIE DRIVER HD $3.99 $2.99 $9.99 PSP CORPSE PARTY $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PSP CORPSE PARTY: BOOK OF SHADOWS $9.99 $7.99 $19.99 PSP ELMINAGE ORIGINAL $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PSP MYST $4.79 $3.59 $11.99 PSP STREETKIX $5.99 $4.79 $11.99 PSP TAC HEROES: BIG RED ONE $5.99 $4.79 $11.99 PS VITA AGE OF ZOMBIES $3.49 $2.99 $4.99 PS VITA CLAIRE $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS VITA COLLAR X MALICE $27.99 $23.99 $39.99 PS VITA CORPSE PARTY: BLOOD DRIVE $14.99 $11.99 $29.99 PS VITA CRYPT OF THE NECRODANCER $4.49 $2.99 $14.99 PS VITA DOODLE DEVIL $2.39 $1.79 $5.99 PS VITA DYING : REBORN VITA $7.49 $4.49 $14.99 PS VITA HOME – A UNIQUE HORROR ADVENTURE $2.49 $1.99 $4.99 PS VITA LONE SURVIVOR: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT $2.99 $1.99 $9.99 PS VITA MEGATAGMENSION BLANC + NEPTUNE VS ZOMBIES $11.99 $8.99 $29.99 PS VITA PLAGUE ROAD $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS VITA POLTERGEIST: A PIXELATED HORROR $2.39 $1.59 $7.99 PS VITA SALT AND SANCTUARY $10.79 $8.99 $17.99 PS VITA SEVERED $5.99 $4.49 $14.99 PS VITA SILENT HILL: BOOK OF MEMORIES $10.49 $7.49 $29.99 PS VITA SKULLGIRLS 2ND ENCORE $9.99 $7.49 $24.99 PS VITA SUMIONI: DEMON ARTS $3.49 $2.49 $9.99 PS VITA THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 2 – SEASON PASS $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS VITA THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON $7.99 $5.99 $19.99 PS VITA TITAN ATTACKS! $3.99 $2.99 $9.99 PS VITA ULTRATRON $3.99 $2.99 $9.99 PS VITA ZERO ESCAPE: THE NONARY GAMES $27.99 $23.99 $39.99 PS VITA ZERO ESCAPE: VIRTUE’S LAST REWARD $12.49 $9.99 $24.99 PS VITA ZERO ESCAPE: ZERO TIME DILEMMA $19.99 $15.99 $39.99   Movies Title SD Sale Price HD Sale Price SD Original Price HD Original Price 31 $5.99 $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE $8.99 $12.99 $8.99 $14.99 28 DAYS LATER $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 28 WEEKS LATER $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR: BASTARD $7.99 $10.99 $7.99 $10.99 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR: LUMBERJACK MAN $6.99 $10.99 $6.99 $10.99 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR: MURDER IN THE DARK $7.99 $10.99 $7.99 $10.99 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR: RE-KILL $6.99 $10.99 $6.99 $10.99 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR: SUSPENSION $7.99 $10.99 $7.99 $10.99 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR: UNNATURAL $7.99 $10.99 $7.99 $10.99 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR: WICKED WITHIN, THE $7.99 $10.99 $7.99 $10.99 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR: WIND WALKERS $7.99 $10.99 $7.99 $10.99 ABCS OF DETH COLLECTION x x $8.99 $17.99 ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 ALIEN $8.99 $14.99 $8.99 $14.99 ALIEN RESURRECTION $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 ALIEN VS, PREDATOR $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 ALIEN3 $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 ALIENS $8.99 $14.99 $8.99 $14.99 AMERICAN PSYCHO $4.99 $7.99 $4.99 $9.99 AMITYVILLE HORROR (1979), THE $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 AMITYVILLE HORROR (2005), THE $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 ANNABELLE (2014) $5.99 $7.99 $7.99 $12.99 APARTMENT 143 $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 AREA 51 $6.99 $12.99 $6.99 $12.99 BEETLEJUICE $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 BLAIR WITCH $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 BONE TOMAHAWK $5.99 $11.99 $5.99 $12.99 BONE TOMAHAWK $5.99 $11.99 $5.99 $12.99 BUTTERFLY EFFECT, THE $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 CANDYMAN II: FAREWELL TO THE FLESH $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 CARRIE (1976) $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 CARRIE (2013) $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 CARRIERS RATED & R-RATED EDITION $8.99 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 CASE 39 $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 CHEMICAL PEEL x x $5.99 $7.99 CHILD’S PLAY $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 CHRONICLE $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 CLOVERFIELD $8.99 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 CLOWN $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 CLUE $8.99 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 CONJURING, THE (2013) $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 CONSTANTINE (2005) $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 COOTIES $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 CUJO $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 CURSED x x $5.99 $7.99 DARK SHADOWS (2012) $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 DAWN OF THE DEAD (UNRATED) $5.99 $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 DAYBREAKERS $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 DEADLY BLESSING $6.99 $5.99 $6.99 $7.99 DEATHGASM $3.99 $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 DELIVER US FROM EVIL $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 DEMON x x $9.99 $12.99 DEVIL’S DUE $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 DRAG ME TO HELL (UNRATED) $5.99 $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 EVIL DEAD (2013) x x $9.99 $12.99 EVIL DEAD 2 $4.99 $7.99 $4.99 $9.99 EXORCISM OF MOLLY HARTLEY $7.99 $14.99 $7.99 $14.99 EXORCIST, THE (1973) $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 EXORCIST, THE: (EXTENDED DIRECTOR’S CUT) $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 FLY (1986), THE $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 FRANKENSTEIN (VICTOR) $7.99 $14.99 $7.99 $14.99 FREDDY VS. JASON (2003) $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 FRIDAY THE 13TH 1-4 COLLECTION $18.99 $34.99 $18.99 $34.99 FRIDAY THE 13TH 8 MOVIE COLLECTION $25.99 $49.99 $25.99 $49.99 FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 4- THE FINAL CHAPTER $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5- A NEW BEGINNING $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 6- JASON LIVES $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 7- THE NEW BLOOD $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 8- JASON TAKES MANHATTAN $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 FRIDAY THE 13TH RATED $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 FRIDAY THE 13TH UNRATED CUT $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 FROM HELL $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 FUN SIZE $6.99 $12.99 $6.99 $14.99 FURY, THE $7.99 $14.99 x x GHOST SHIP (2002) $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 GRAVEYARD SHIFT $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 GREMLINS (1984) $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 GREMLINS 1&2 $6.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 GREMLINS 2 $6.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 GRUDGE 3, THE $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 GRUDGE, THE (2004) x x $7.99 $12.99 HANNIBAL $4.99 $22.99 $4.99 $29.99 HANSEL & GRETEL WITCH HUNTERS RATED & UNRATED CUT $8.99 $12.99 $8.99 $14.99 HANSEL & GRETEL WITCH HUNTERS RATED & UNRATED CUT $8.99 $12.99 $8.99 $14.99 HAPPENING, THE $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 HATCHET II (UNRATED) $3.99 $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 HATCHET III (UNRATED) $3.99 $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 HELLRAISER $5.99 $9.99 $5.99 $11.99 HELLRAISER $5.99 $9.99 $5.99 $11.99 HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER: 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION $3.99 $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 HERE COMES THE DEVIL $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 HIDDEN (2015) (DIR. DUFFER) $6.99 $14.99 $7.99 $19.99 HILLS HAVE EYES 2, THE (+UNRATED) $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 HILLS HAVE EYES, THE (+UNRATED) $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 HITCHCOCK $7.99 $14.99 $7.99 $14.99 HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 HONEYMOON $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA x x $9.99 $12.99 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA / HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 – SET $14.99 $18.99 $14.99 $21.99 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 x x $9.99 $12.99 HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES $4.99 $7.99 $4.99 $9.99 HOUSE WHERE EVIL DWELLS, THE $6.99 $9.99 x x I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 I SAW THE DEVIL $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 IGOR $5.99 $14.99 $5.99 $14.99 IN TIME $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 INCARNATE (UNRATED) $9.99 $14.99 $9.99 $14.99 INSIDIOUS $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 INSIDIOUS / INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 / INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 – SET $20.99 $22.99 $20.99 $24.99 INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 IT FOLLOWS $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE $7.99 $14.99 $7.99 $14.99 JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 JENNIFER’S BODY $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 JESSABELLE $6.99 $7.99 $6.99 $9.99 JOHN CARPENTER’S THE FOG x x $5.99 $7.99 JOHN CARPENTER’S VAMPIRES $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 JOY RIDE $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 KISS OF THE DAMNED $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 KNOCK KNOCK $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 LABOU $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 LAST EXORCISM x x $5.99 $7.99 LAST SHIFT $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 LEPRECHAUN x x $4.99 $5.99 LEPRECHAUN ORIGINS x x $5.99 $7.99 LET THE RIGHT ONE IN $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 LEVIATHAN $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 LIGHTS OUT (2016) $6.99 $9.99 $8.99 $12.99 LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (1986) $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 LOST BOYS, THE $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 MAGGIE $6.99 $7.99 $6.99 $9.99 MAMA $5.99 $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN x x $5.99 $7.99 MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (2016) $6.99 $9.99 $8.99 $12.99 MIRRORS (+UNRATED) $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 MR. BROOKS $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 MY BLOODY VALENTINE $4.99 $5.99 $4.99 $7.99 NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEB $4.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, A (1984) $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, A (2010) $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 PAN’S LABYRINTH $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 RATED & UNRATED CUT $7.99 $9.99 $7.99 $12.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 RATED & UNRATED CUT $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 RATED & UNRATED CUT $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 RATED & UNRATED CUT $6.99 $12.99 $6.99 $14.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 RATED & UNRATED CUT $6.99 $12.99 $6.99 $14.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY ALTERNATE CUT $7.99 $9.99 $7.99 $17.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY COLLECTION $19.99 $44.99 $19.99 $44.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY RATED CUT $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION RATED & UNRATED CUT $7.99 $12.99 $7.99 $14.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION RATED & UNRATED CUT $6.99 $12.99 $6.99 $14.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES RATED & UNRATED CUT $7.99 $12.99 $7.99 $14.99 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES RATED & UNRATED CUT $6.99 $12.99 $6.99 $14.99 PATCHWORK x x $9.99 $12.99 PERFECT CREATURE $7.99 $14.99 $7.99 $14.99 PET SEMETARY $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 PET SEMETARY 2 $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 PET SEMETARY DOUBLE FEATURE $13.99 $17.99 $13.99 $19.99 PIRANHA (2010) $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 POLTERGEIST $4.99 $9.99 $4.99 $12.99 POLTERGEIST $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 POLTERGEIST II: THE OTHER SIDE $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 PREDATORS $8.99 $14.99 $8.99 $14.99 PRESERVATION $7.99 $9.99 $7.99 $14.99 PROMETHEUS $8.99 $13.99 $8.99 $13.99 PULSE $6.99 $7.99 $6.99 $12.99 PUMPKINHEAD $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 PYRAMID $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $9.99 QUARANTINE x x $7.99 $12.99 RAW $9.99 $14.99 $9.99 $14.99 RED EYE $7.99 $9.99 $7.99 $17.99 REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 RESIDENT EVIL x x $9.99 $12.99 RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE x x $9.99 $12.99 RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE x x $9.99 $12.99 RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION x x $9.99 $12.99 RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION x x $9.99 $12.99 RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER $9.99 $14.99 $9.99 $14.99 RINGS $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 SATANIC $8.99 $3.99 $8.99 $5.99 SAW $4.99 $7.99 $4.99 $9.99 SAW: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION $22.99 $29.99 $22.99 $39.99 SCARY MOVIE $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 SCOOBY-DOO 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE $6.99 $12.99 $6.99 $12.99 SCREAM $4.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 SCREAM 2 $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 SCREAM 3 $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE x x $3.99 $5.99 SHINING, THE $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 SHROOMS $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 SHUTTER (+UNRATED) $6.99 $14.99 x x SHUTTER ISLAND $8.99 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 SILENT HILL x x $7.99 $12.99 SINISTER $4.99 $7.99 $4.99 $9.99 SINISTER 2 $5.99 $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 SLEEPY HOLLOW $7.99 $19.99 $7.99 $19.99 SOUTHBOUND x x $9.99 $12.99 SPECIES III $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 SPECIES: THE AWAKENING $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 SPOOKY STAKEOUT $4.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 STAKE LAND $4.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 STAKE LAND II $4.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 STEPHEN KING 6 MOVIE COLLECTION $22.99 $44.99 $22.99 $44.99 STEPHEN KING’S SILVER BULLET $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 STEPHEN KING’S, IT! (1990/TV) $5.99 $7.99 $7.99 $12.99 STIGMATA $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 STOKER $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 STRAW DOGS (2011) $7.99 $9.99 $7.99 $12.99 SWEENEY TODD $8.99 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 TEEN WITCH $5.99 $14.99 $5.99 $14.99 TEEN WOLF $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 TERMINATOR, THE $6.99 $14.99 $6.99 $14.99 TEXAS CHAINSAW $4.99 $7.99 $4.99 $9.99 TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, THE (2003) $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 THE ADDAMS FAMILY $8.99 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 THE ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES $8.99 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 THE BAY x x $5.99 $7.99 THE BELKO EXPERIMENT $9.99 $14.99 $9.99 $14.99 THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 THE BLOOD LANDS $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 THE BOY (’16) $5.99 $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 THE BYE BYE MAN (UNRATED) $9.99 $14.99 $9.99 $14.99 THE CABIN IN THE WOODS $4.99 $9.99 $4.99 $12.99 THE CANAL $6.99 $12.99 $6.99 $14.99 THE COLLECTION x x $5.99 $7.99 THE CONJURING 2 $6.99 $8.99 $8.99 $12.99 THE CONJURING 2-FILM COLLECTION (2PK) x x $14.99 $19.99 THE DARKNESS $5.99 $9.99 $5.99 $14.99 THE DESCENT $4.99 $7.99 $4.99 $9.99 THE DEVIL INSIDE $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 THE DEVIL’S REJECTS $4.99 $7.99 $4.99 $9.99 THE EYES OF MY MOTHER $8.99 $12.99 $8.99 $14.99 THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS $8.99 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT $4.99 $5.99 $4.99 $7.99 THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT 2 $7.99 $12.99 $7.99 $12.99 THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT 2 $7.99 $12.99 $7.99 $12.99 THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (UNRATED) $5.99 $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM $7.99 $12.99 $7.99 $12.99 THE ONES BELOW $8.99 $12.99 $8.99 $14.99 THE OTHERS $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 THE POSSESSION x x $5.99 $7.99 THE RING $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 THE RING 2 RATED & UNRATED CUT $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 THE RING TRILOGY $18.99 $29.99 $18.99 $29.99 THE UNINVITED $7.99 $9.99 $7.99 $12.99 THE UNSPOKEN $4.99 $5.99 $4.99 $7.99 THE VATICAN TAPES $6.99 $7.99 $6.99 $9.99 THE VOICES $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 THINNER $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 THIRTEEN GHOSTS $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 TIM BURTON’S CORPSE BRIDE $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, THE (2014) $5.99 $14.99 $5.99 $14.99 TRICK ‘R TREAT (2009) $5.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 TURISTAS (+UNRATED) $7.99 $14.99 $7.99 $14.99 UNDERWORLD (2003) x x $9.99 $12.99 UNDERWORLD AWAKENING x x $9.99 $12.99 UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION x x $9.99 $12.99 UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS $9.99 $14.99 $9.99 $14.99 V/H/S COLLECTION $11.99 $24.99 $13.99 $29.99 WARM BODIES $5.99 $7.99 $5.99 $9.99 WHAT LIES BENEATH $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS x x $9.99 $12.99 WILLOW CREEK $4.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 WITCHES, THE (1990) $5.99 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 WITHIN $7.99 $9.99 $9.99 $12.99 WORLD WAR Z RATED $8.99 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 WORLD WAR Z UNRATED CUT $8.99 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 WRONG TURN $4.99 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 WRONG TURN 2 $6.99 $14.99 x x WRONG TURN 4 $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $9.99 WRONG TURN 5 $7.99 $9.99 $7.99 $9.99 WRONG TURN 6 $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $9.99 XX $7.99 $12.99 $7.99 $14.99 YOU’RE NEXT $4.99 $7.99 $4.99 $9.99 ZODIAC x x $9.99 $17.99 ZOMBIELAND (2009) x x $9.99 $12.99 Note: All pricing is for U.S. only and subject to change. 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  15. PlayLink: Three New Games Launch on PS4

    We’re extremely excited for today’s launch of our brand new PlayLink games — Hidden Agenda, Knowledge is Power, and SingStar Celebration! The PlayLink titles allow players to sync their compatible mobile devices to their PS4 console and with a quick download of the game’s free companion app, they’ll be able to use their mobile device as a controller, or in SingStar’s case — a mic! Completely accessible to those who are new to gaming, and challenging enough for some serious game nights, the PlayLink titles are a fantastic way to introduce family and friends into the world of PlayStation. We like to think of PlayLink as PlayStation… with phones! With the holiday season quickly approaching, consider breaking these out during your potentially awkward family gatherings or spicing up your parties with these brand new PlayLink games. There’s something there for everyone and we can’t wait for you to check them out! Let’s take a look at what’s launching today: Hidden Agenda Ever wish you could change the outcome of a movie? Now you can. Just imagine this as a movie night with your friends — only this time, you all control the narrative. Developed by the creators of Until Dawn, Supermassive Games is back with the release of Hidden Agenda. Join Becky Marney and district attorney Felicity Graves as they investigate the case of a serial killer known as “The Trapper.” Knowledge is Power We all know how competitive families can get (especially during highly intense rounds of trivia). I’m pleased to introduce you all into the pyramid of knowledge — a whole new world that can be found in Knowledge is Power. Battle it out with your family and friends, only the smartest and dirtiest will land on top! SingStar Celebration I’m not the best singer in town but I’m always up for a round of SingStar! With 30 new tracks from the world’s hottest artists, there’s a track for just about anyone who’s looking to show off their vocal talents (or lack thereof). SingStar Celebration has hits from artists like Adele, Kings of Leon, and U2 — perfect to get the party started. Hidden Agenda and Knowledge is Power are available to purchase for $19.99 / $29.99 CAD each at PlayStation Store and retail stores. SingStar Celebration is available to purchase for $19.99 / $29.99 CAD at retail stores. Our first PlayLink game, That’s You!, is also available now to purchase for $19.99 / $29.99 CAD. The game has been updated to include even more fun filters, and family-filtering options. We hope you get to experience the PlayLink range of games as we have more on the horizon! You can expect mini-game madness in Frantics which will be released on March 6, 2018. View the full article
  16. Prepare to job… forever! The whole team at Owlchemy Labs is pleased to announce that Job Simulator is receiving a free content update today: Infinite Overtime. Players can work the endless night shift to their heart’s content with endless, randomized tasks. Along with the update, Job Simulator will also see a permanent price reduction to $19.99 USD. The new “Infinite Overtime” mode allows players to work the never-ending night shift with randomized, endless tasks for each job in the game. Play endlessly in each of the newly-minted nighttime environments, following instructions from your robot boss, TempBot — JobBot’s slightly less-motivated nighttime replacement. In addition to the endless mode, we’ve added a couple of new bits of gameplay within each of the jobs in Infinite Overtime. Try to find all the hidden Easter Eggs throughout the new mode! Keep at the nightly grind to earn promotions and desk flair to declare your dedication to endless jobbing. Also fidget spinners, because why not? We hope that all players, new and old, will enjoy Infinite Overtime and the infinite joy of jobbing! View the full article
  17. I’m Will Doyle, game director for Supermassive Games’ Hidden Agenda. I’m delighted to give you a sneak peek of our new crime thriller, which launches tomorrow on PS4. Hidden Agenda blends the best of games and movies, allowing up to six players to play through a cinematic, interactive story. We’ve taken inspiration from various neo-noir thrillers to craft a tale of betrayal and revenge, set in a rainy, rundown city. You play Detective Becky Marney and District Attorney Felicity Graves as they hunt down the “Trapper” — a serial killer who rigs his victims with explosives to murder the responding officers. As part of the PS4 PlayLink initiative, Hidden Agenda is designed for use with phones or tablets instead of a DualShock 4. All players need to do is download the free companion app on their mobile devices and they’re all set! This makes the game accessible to friends who are new to gaming, and allows us to award secret information and objectives to individual players. Hidden Agenda is great fun to play on your own, but you’ll get a very different experience if you play it with friends. This video gives you an overview of the game’s two modes: Story and Competitive. In Story mode, you’ll work together to catch the killer. In Competitive mode, you’ll get secret objectives as you play through. Much like a bluffing card game, you’ll need to trick your friends to evade blame and make your hidden agenda come true. We’ve had so much fun creating Hidden Agenda, and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourselves! I hope you enjoy this preview. View the full article
  18. The Emperor has been expecting you. Sheev Palpatine. One-time Senator from Naboo, former chancellor of the Republic, now ruler of the Galactic Empire. Secret Lord of the Sith and undisputed master of the dark side. And starting this November, you’ll be wielding his fearsome abilities in Star Wars Battlefront II. At close range, the Emperor is especially potent, wrecking groups of enemies with his area effect attacks. The heart of the Emperor’s arsenal is his signature Force lightning. The iconic bolts of purple-blue energy fired from his hands serve both as the Emperor’s standard attack and as the basis for his special offensive abilities. The Emperor’s chain lightning is among his most terrifying and potent attacks. A bolt of lightning strikes a nearby foe, then spreads to strike another, and another. Used against tightly packed squads, this power is a potent equalizer, shifting the balance of power in seconds. The Emperor can also summon a dark aura of Force energy to surround his body. Any opponent caught within it suffers a twofold effect: the aura deals damage and it slows any enemy unfortunate enough to come into contact. Finally, the Emperor can completely lock down groups of nearby enemies with Electrocute, catching them in an immobilizing area of energy and rendering them vulnerable to the Emperor’s allies. Emperor Palpatine is just one of many heroes and villains you’ll take control of in Star Wars Battlefront II. You’ll be able to harness the power of the Emperor across three eras of Star Wars starting November 17. View the full article
  19. Gather your friends (and your phone) and hunt down a dangerous criminal in the new crime thriller Hidden Agenda, launching October 24 on PS4. From the creators of Until Dawn, Hidden Agenda will bring a heart-pounding mystery to your next party. You and your friends will both cooperate and compete to change the course of the story — and alter the fate of its characters. How far will you go to fulfill your own agenda? For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop! New Releases: Week of October 24, 2017 Aer: Memories of Old PS4 — Digital (Out 10/25) As one of the last few shapeshifters, you are sent on a pilgrimage to the Land of Gods. Uncover the secrets that will help save reality itself. Assassin’s Creed Origins PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out 10/27) Set in mysterious Ancient Egypt, Assassin’s Creed Origins is a new beginning. Experience a new way to fight while exploring the great pyramids and hidden tombs across the country of Ancient Egypt. Deer Hunter Reloaded PS4 — Digital, Retail Deer Hunter is Back! You will be tracking and hunting various trophy big game animals such as Whitetail, Mule, and Sitka Deer, Big Horn and Dall Sheep, Caribou, Elk and much more. Fishing Master PS VR — Digital Experience the thrill of fishing at home! Here is an enjoyable fishing game made from the ground up for VR. The world famous scenery and various adorable fish come into your sight as if they were real! Fort Defense North Menace PS4 — Digital All hands on deck! Pirate armada dead ahead! Take part in an uncompromising struggle repelling freebooters’ assaults. Hidden Agenda PS4 — Digital, Retail Blending the best elements of movies and games, this story-based adventure drops you into a tale rife with chilling moral dilemmas. The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk PS4 — Digital, Retail Solve mind-bending puzzles in a world full of mystery and save the family of the flute-noses! Just Dance 2018 PS4 — Digital, Retail Just Dance 2018 is coming back with more than 40 tracks at launch. From the hottest hits to family favorites, dance your heart out. Knowledge is Power PS4 — Digital, Retail Answer a massive variety of trivia questions to outsmart your opponents, with tactile challenges thrown in to keep you on your toes. This is all about speed and accuracy — are you up to the task? Little Nightmares Complete Edition PS4 — Retail (Out 10/27) Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears! Mahjong Royal Towers PS4 — Digital (Out 10/25) Play Mahjong and experience royal generosity for yourself! Complete more than 100 unique levels in six locations, earning points and trophies. The Mummy Demastered PS4 — Digital A powerful ancient evil has arisen, and the war to save humanity has begun! The Mummy Demastered throws you into a 16-bit-inspired battle against the undead in a 2D, nonlinear, action-packed adventure. Nightmare Boy PS4 — Digital (Out 10/25) Nightmare Boy is a metroidvania, action/adventure 2D game that takes place in your worst nightmares! In your quest to save Noctum from its self-proclaimed ruler, you’ll meet weird and unique friends and foes. Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon PS4 — Digital, Retail When three friends, deceived and separated by the tricks of darkness, find each other again, their bond shall become the light that will clear away the shadows and guide them towards the truth… Numantia PS4 — Digital (Out 10/25) Units, heroes, and battles inspired in real events. Deep narrative linked to the historical evolution of the conflict. Two different campaigns with their own heroes, troops, settlements, and armies. Rapala Fishing Pro Series PS4 — Digital, Retail Compete in world-class tournaments and daily challenges all to improve your skills by earning bonus money to climb the ranks and become a professional angler for the number one fishing brand in the world. Rugby 18 PS4 — Digital, Retail Live the intensity of the greatest matches with Rugby 18, the most complete rugby game to date. Singstar Celebration PS4 — Retail SingStar Celebration is the new addition to the PlayLink family and as part of the range, you’ll be able to turn your compatible smartphone into a personal, pocket-sized microphone! Slayaway Camp: The Butcher’s Recut PS4 — Digital A killer puzzle game where you control Skullface, a psychotic slasher hell-bent on revenge. Slide this adorably demented character around hundreds of isometric puzzle levels to squash, flay, and decapitate hapless victims in this darkly comic homage to 80’s horror movies. Stunt Kite Masters PS VR — Digital (Out 10/25) Enjoy a beautiful day at the sunny beach, savor a majestic view on a mountain peak or feel the thrilling height of a skyscraper at night. That’s You! PS4 — Retail Get hilariously personal in an audacious quiz with up to five of your family and friends, and find out what you really think about each other. We Sing Pop PS4 — Digital, Retail Featuring the hottest sounds from the world’s biggest artists. We Sing Pop brings the award-winning party experience direct to the comfort of your living room. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out 10/27) Fight the Nazis in iconic American locations, equip an arsenal of badass guns, and unleash new abilities to blast your way through legions of Nazi soldiers in this definitive first-person shooter. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows PS4, PS Vita — Digital The follow-up to 2016’s cult horror hit Yomawari: Night Alone, Yomawari: Midnight Shadows introduces two brand-new girls, Yui and Haru, to the night and the spirits who haunt it. Thor: Ragnarok – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Future & Young Thug – SUPER SLIME John Carpenter – Anthology The Walking Dead | Season 8 (Out 10/23) Atomic Blonde Cars 3 (plus bonus features) 13 Nights of Halloween-October 19-31 (Freeform) The Deuce- October 29 at 9/8c (HBO) Ray Donovan-October 29 at 9/8c (Showtime) The information above is subject to change without notice. View the full article
  20. Star Wars Battlefront II opens with an interrogation. Commander Iden Versio, disarmed and bound, glares at the Rebel soldier holding her captive. The slow, steady tension of the scene runs contrary to the often bombastic, spectacular battles that Star Wars is known for. But Iden’s story is one of military dedication, political motivation, loyalty, and betrayal. And bombastic, spectacular battles. Iden serves as a humanizing element to the Empire — a force we have spent decades fighting in the Star Wars universe. She and the other agents of Inferno Squad represent the discipline and devotion that the Imperials glorify. But the most striking quality of her character impacts the entire narrative: her courtesy. The single-player campaign of Star Wars Battlefront II takes place in the moments before and immediately after the conclusion of Return of the Jedi. The prologue mission follows Iden as she deftly escapes Rebel capture, then assists Imperial forces on Endor following the destruction of the second Death Star. But as she creeps behind enemy lines and uses her tactical droid to survey soldier positions, her whispered commands speak volumes. “Scan, please.” Iden address both her fellow agents and her droid with notable politeness. It is immediately endearing, and a small detail among many that make the beginning moments of the campaign so enjoyable. It showcases that Iden and her team are not supervillains. They are soldiers. Even Iden has misgivings about the Empire’s plans, and those boil over in due time… Visually, Star Wars Battlefront II looks sensational. The motion capture and texture work employed here brings Iden and her fellow squadmates to life. The superb detail extends into the nigh overwhelming environments, from the debris-littered reaches of space to the lush, leafy moon of Endor. These environments make for fantastic stages to all the action, while Iden’s humanity keeps the conflict grounded. While on foot, Iden has access to standard Imperial weaponry, as well as rechargeable skills including an impact grenade, the aforementioned scan, a tactical shock, and a pulse cannon built on DLT-20A framework. These abilities add a welcome wrinkle to the running, gunning, and sneaking of each mission. The pulse cannon, for example, gives Iden a powerful long-range tool for dealing with officer units that enhance the prowess of soldiers around them. Targeting these officers from a hidden position before starting the battle in earnest was a useful tactic during the introductory missions. Early in the campaign, Iden takes to the sky (or space, more accurately) and pilots a TIE fighter against Rebel forces. These ship battles are delightfully chaotic, with the ship itself having its own suite of abilities from rapid-fire bursts of laser fire to tracking torpedos. Making sense of enemy positioning, and avoiding dangerous debris, are challenges in and of themselves. If the beginning hours of Star Wars Battlefront II are any indication, players can expect a cacophonous ride filled with action and tense, quiet cutscenes. And at the center of it all is Commander Iden Versio, who still has the sense to thank her droid for a scan well done. View the full article
  21. That’s right — we’re back at it again with another set of PlayStation Collectible Cards! This is our third year dealing out these limited-edition, foil-embossed beauties, and the only way you can get your hands on them is to shuffle on over to PlayStation Experience 2017 in Anaheim, California on December 9 and 10. We wrapped up Series Two with card #75 at the Road to Greatness tour and #76 at E3 Experience . Series Three will start with #77 and contains around three dozen new cards, all of which will be released at PlayStation Experience 2017 in Anaheim, California this December. Attendees will also get the chance to earn PlayStation Trophy Cards by completing certain quests at the event — find out how via the Experience PlayStation app once the show starts. Your Bronze Trophy card is already “in the bag” (meaning you’ll get one just for attending — it’ll literally be in your gift bag). You may be asking, “How can I get the rest of the cards?” The answer is simple (sorta). They’ll be located at certain locations and booths on the show floor, and you might even need to play a demo to earn some of them. Which locations/booths/demos? Well, you’ll need to figure that out on your own. Don’t worry, I believe in you (and reddit). Cards are free for any PlayStation Experience attendee, while supplies last. Don’t forget: PlayStation Experience 2017 tickets are available now. See you at the show! View the full article
  22. Taylor Kurosaki, formerly one of the original members of the Crash Bandicoot team at Naughty Dog, joins the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Game Director, Dan Tanguay, from Vicarious Visions to talk about the notorious Stormy Ascent level. The previously unreleased Crash Bandicoot level, Stormy Ascent, is now coming to life in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. How did this level come to be? Taylor Kurosaki: Early in production of the original Crash Bandicoot game, everyone at Naughty Dog often wore multiple hats. However, by year two we were somewhat specialized and I went from artist to game designer. I ended up designing and laying out ¾ of the levels in the original Crash Bandicoot. And Stormy Ascent was one of mine. Dan Tanguay: The team here at Vicarious Visions knew the fans really wanted Stormy Ascent, and so did we! One of the best players on the design team had beat the first game and wanted a new challenge. So, we told him to try the original Stormy Ascent. It took him 60 lives to get through it – needless to say it was much more challenging than he had expected. However, he still fell in love with it and we decided to bring it life. Tell us about making Stormy Ascent “It’s roughly four times longer than any other level in the original game.” Taylor: I was new to games and game design back then; I didn’t have a great understanding of a difficulty curve. This level was so close to the end of the game and, you guessed it, it ended up being insanely difficult. As in, so difficult that it was hard for me, and I’m the guy who knew exactly how far Crash could jump, how late a player could take-off, and so on. Dan: This is the “sister level” to Slippery Climb in the original Crash Bandicoot. It features the same assets but new challenges. It’s also roughly four times longer than any other level in the original game. Getting through it is a feat of both skill and endurance! Taylor’s right, it’s considered to be not only one of the most difficult levels in the original Crash Bandicoot, but probably in the entire N. Sane Trilogy. It was challenging to first master the level so that we could accurately remaster it. In particular, the timing of the level was challenging to get right. The hazards and platforms steadily increase in speed as you go along! It never actually shipped, right? Taylor: Yes. It was one of the last levels I finished during production, and as we prepared to deliver our Gold Master to Sony for manufacturing, the decision was made to cut it. It was playable, but just too damn difficult, and we ran out of time to make it easier. It remained on the disc as it was less risky just leaving it rather than trying to remove it. It was basically hidden, but it was there. “It was playable, but just too damn difficult.” Dan: Fans found it though, using Gameshark. Taylor: I think it’s cool when fans find hidden things in games, this was no exception. I was glad it somewhat found the light of day, and I think it’s an awesome level. In 2017, games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne are all the rage. People like games that are difficult! We were so ahead of the curve! Now Stormy Ascent is alive as part of the Vicarious Visions-developed Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Go forth and enjoy! Click here to download Stormy Ascent for the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for free through August 19, 2017. View the full article
  23. If you enjoyed Transistor or Bastion, then I hope you’ll have a chance to play Pyre when it debuts next week on PS4. Our third game is a party-based RPG featuring our biggest campaign ever, filled with unique characters I cannot wait for you to meet. You can get a taste of what’s in store in our launch trailer above. My favorite part of this trailer is, it has more characters in its 90 second running time than you meet over the entire course of our first two games. And, it’s really only scratching the surface — you’ll see what I mean once you play the full game! For example, the trailer doesn’t reveal one of the most unique aspects of Pyre’s campaign, which is that there’s no Game Over — the story moves forward no matter whether you prevail or you fail in any of the game’s high-stakes ritual competitions, where the freedom of your fellow exiles hangs in the balance. Enhanced for PlayStation 4 Pro: Another detail we’re very pleased to reveal is that Pyre runs natively in 4K on PS4 Pro, which is a first for us. You’ll experience the game running at an ever-glorious 60 frames per second, in that absurdly high resolution that you have to see running on a 4K display to truly appreciate. Click through to see this actual in-game screenshot — in 4K resolution! If you don’t have a PS4 Pro, no worries, of course…! We think you’ll find the game looks stunning and runs fantastic on your console. 50+ Trophies: One more tidbit for you Trophy hunters out there… Pyre features more than 50 Trophies to collect, including one of those elusive Platinum varieties. This is way more than in either of our previous games, and we hope you’ll enjoy tracking them down. We love designing Trophies for our games, as, at their best, they can open your eyes to new ways to play and create a really exciting game-within-a-game experience, and make you feel that much more rewarded when you finally get all of them. We cordially invite you to join your fellow exiles in their quest for freedom! There’s still time to pre-order Pyre and save 10% off the full price if you’re so inclined. Though, speaking as a former game critic who reviewed games for like 12 years before finally getting a shot at making them, I would just as soon encourage you to wait and see what folks have to say (especially if that 10% off doesn’t matter much to you). I myself don’t know what they will say just yet, but I do know this: They’ve said kind things about Bastion and Transistor, the last two games I’ve worked on. And, all of us at Supergiant who made those two games stuck together and pushed ourselves to the limits to make this one, in the spirit of our first two. So, I’m confident that, especially if you enjoyed our first two games, you’ll find something to love in this one. But you shouldn’t have to take my word for it. Until Tuesday!! View the full article
  24. Hey there, all you beautiful potential test subjects! Steve here, Creative Director at Pixel Maniacs – I’m super excited to announce our debut title is finally making its way onto PlayStation! [Cue applause sound] Players have been loving ChromaGun, calling it “Portal, but with colors instead”, “perfect, for the time you’re waiting for the next Portal”, and “the closest thing we’ll ever get to a Portal sequel”. If you’ve read along carefully, you might have noticed the mention of Portal once or twice, but more on that later. ChromaGun is a first-person puzzler about colors. Use your gun (guess what it’s called), to colorize droids and walls. Droids are attracted by walls of the same color, and by cleverly utilizing this mechanic, you’ll try to solve all sorts of puzzles to make it to the exit. The ChromaGun can only shoot red, yellow, and blue – but don’t worry, we have you covered. Shoot a previously colored wall or droid, to mix colors into orange, purple, and green. Be wary of gray, though. Since it’s technically not a color, it loses all its attraction properties, the rascal! Now that you know what ChromaGun is, let’s talk about PS4 – and what we did to make ChromaGun a special experience on it. When we started developing the PlayStation version, we completely revamped the graphics and lighting, redid all the sound effects, pumped up the models and textures, and did some more things to some other stuff. What was most fun, however, were the little things we added for the PS4-version. Things like controller vibration, just make the game feel much more immersive. DualShock 4 speaker helps bring immersive sound to the game, and the light bar gives the player immediate feedback on their current ammo type (remember how ammo in ChromaGun is paint?). This works especially well with the new DualShock 4, with its streak of light on the touchpad, allowing us to extend our HUD outside the game. Sexy! Why, now, does ChromaGun look so familiar, and why was the word “Portal” mentioned so often earlier? As it turns out, when you make a first-person shooter, in which you use an experimental type of gun to solve chamber-based puzzles, while a snarky narrator gives you crap about your progress, people draw comparisons. Who knew? And they’re not even wrong! On first sight, ChromaGun looks remarkably similar to Valve’s cult hit. There’s the narrator, the clean lab-like environment, the non-gun gun, and a bunch of other jabs to the game that defined a genre… heck, we even have cake! (or do we?) Despite all its similarities, from a gameplay-perspective, ChromaGun is as far from Portal as any other puzzle game. For one, and we cannot stress this point enough, there are no Portals. ChromaGun doesn’t require the player to get inter-dimensionally funky with space-time. Its color-based puzzles are far less of a spatial nature – they rely more on the player’s capacity of algorithmic thinking – along with an understanding of subtractive color mixing. It’s more about guiding the droids through the test chambers, than traversing them oneself. Let’s take a step back for a second, to when we first had the idea for ChromaGun. It was a cool, warmish winter day in summer, during a game jam known as Ludum Dare. ChromaGun was on its way to becoming a top-down twin-stick puzzle shooter. Just for fun, we gave first-person view a try. That was when we realized, our game could have a lot in common with Portal – so, we decided to go with it. Back then, ChromaGun was just a series of unconnected levels in outer space, featured a colorfully glowing space-shotgun, and the enemies were weirdly sentient alien paint blobs. We gave ChromaGun its Portal-esque vibe for a number of reasons. The obvious one is, because we love it (duh). But we also wanted to recreate that feeling of playing Portal for the first time, and bring back just a little of that magic. Hopefully, I was able to give you some insight into what made ChromaGun the game it is today, and answer a few of your questions. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to ask! Finally, now that you’ve made it this far into the article, data suggests you’re either getting ready to get ChromaGun for PS4, or write a really nasty comment in the comments section. In either case, I hope you’ll enjoy it. For science. You monster. Get it? – With love from all the Pixel Maniacs View the full article
  25. The next chapter of Bungie’s sweeping science-fiction epic launches September 6 on PS4. To keep all the clamoring Guardians at bay, Bungie released a beta earlier this week starting with early access on July 18. With the Last City in peril and plenty of Crucible matches to join, our team diligently played video games at the office to provide our thoughts on the Destiny 2 Beta, and how Dominus Ghaul seems like a truly unpleasant fellow. The Story The opening act of Destiny 2 is spectacular and catastrophic. The highly disciplined Cabal force known as the Red Legion batter the Last City, sending Guardians and civilians alike into chaos. Red Legion leader Dominus Ghaul plans to seize the light of the Traveler as his own — and seems largely successful, if the explosion-riddled first scenes are any indication. This fleeting glimpse into the Destiny 2 campaign highlights Bungie’s desire to push storytelling into new heights, with an emphasis on the many heroes that fight at your side. The Vanguard anchor the action and represent the conflicting desires of the Guardian forces: Zavala prioritizes civilian evacuation above all else, Ikora Rey is desperate to save the Traveler, and Cayde-6… wants revenge, mostly. Bungie’s prowess with environmental design comes to the fore here, with lashing gouts of rain, skylines peppered with fire, and familiar scenes ravaged by Ghaul’s forces. Stepping out into the main Tower courtyard to see everything in ruin truly is a gut-wrenching affair, given how many of us spent our time there planning the next mission and dancing our hearts out. Needless to say, the final moment of the opening act will leave any Guardian hungry to push ahead come September. Myself included. –Ryan Clements Click here to download high-resolution mobile-friendly Destiny 2 wallpapers The Strike I’m not nearly the Destiny expert that Justin or Ryan are, but I do know a good game when I play it. And based on my beta experiences, Destiny 2 is demonstrating some serious refinements that will appeal to veterans and newcomers alike. Above all, Bungie seems determined to shake up convention — but wisely, doesn’t try to fix what isn’t broken. The Inverted Spire Strike provides a tantalizing glimpse of what is (hopefully) to come in the full game this September. Bungie’s decision to tilt Strikes a step or two closer to the Raid format yields a more dynamic, interesting set of activities. In the Inverted Spire Strike, an extended platforming sequence led to a perilous action set piece amidst the grinding drills of an oversized mining machine. It’s a big step up from D1’s reliance on wave-based shootouts. Then came the big finale against the hulking Protheon in a boss battle that spanned three phases and multiple room configurations. I was impressed; the Inverted Spire brought equal doses spectacle and strategy, and consistently kept me on my toes. On a side note, I’m greatly appreciating the punchier feel of Destiny 2’s reworked arsenal. The hand cannons and auto rifles seem to pack a bigger punch overall, and I’m pleased to see sniper rifles and fusion rifles graduating to the Power weapon class. All in all, an auspicious start. Bring on the full game! –Sid Shuman The Crucible Destiny 2’s Crucible has undergone some pretty sweeping changes — the switch to smaller, more intimate 4v4 matches chief among them. Based on the three to four hours I’ve put into the Beta’s Control and Countdown modes, this change makes PvP in Destiny 2 feel more team-oriented… and ultimately more exciting. Countdown specifically feels much more akin to D1’s Trials of Osiris — the ultimate end-game PvP mode that rewarded intense focus and synchronized team play — but without going quite that far. Control is similar to its original implementation, but with much smaller, tighter maps and a few quality-of-life upgrades. For instance, when you first start a match the A and C points are already captured on behalf of their respective teams. This is a welcome change from D1, where every match began with a team standing on a point for 10 seconds before getting to the good stuff (the shootin’). In the Destiny 2 Beta, these matches have tended to kick off with players immediately either bee-lining to the B point or wrapping around to try and steal the opposing team’s home point, getting to the action right from the get-go. Other welcome changes I noticed in my time with the Destiny 2 Beta’s Crucible thus far: Power ammo spawns fairly frequently, but it’s now a drop point on a wall rather than a crate on the ground. It only goes to the player who pulls it, rather than everyone standing nearby — this adds a new strategic element to matches as they play out. Control points no longer need to be neutralized before capturing them. If you stand on an enemy-controlled point it will now simply cede control to your team, rather than going neutral then making you capture it. Points don’t cap faster if multiple Guardians stand on them. This means teams can be much smarter about the way they send players to capture points, rather than everybody crowding on one and standing around. If you get shot while reviving a fellow Guardian, it resets the revive timer. Again, this will make players think twice about whether it’s really safe to dash out and get that res, adding another layer of strategy to matches. I’m beginning to sense a theme… There’s no more Alpha / Bravo team. When you enter a match, the team intro screen now simply reads “Your Team” — a simple change, but I like it. Sniper rifles are de-emphasized, since they’re now categorized as “Power” weapons. This means they can only be used by a player who manages to grab one of those limited Power ammo drops. I think it will lead to snipers being seen as but one option for advanced players, rather than a requirement for high-level play. Callouts are built in now, right under your radar. In Destiny high-level competitive play, players agreed on names for specific places in each map, so they could quickly feed info to their teammates about where they see enemies and what their status is. These location names are now official, and made immediately available to everyone at all times. I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch here, but I’ll find more as I continue to dig into the Beta’s two available PvP modes more. Notice any more upgrades or changes? Let us know in the comments! –Justin Massongill View the full article
  26. Greetings, dear Prospects. Our online melee action game Absolver is creeping close to launch and the team at Sloclap wanted to share the latest feature of the game with the PlayStation community. Additionally, Absolver is now available for preorder at PlayStation Store ahead of its August 29 launch date and players can get 10% off the base price as well as the exclusive Labyrinth Prospect Mask and Uring Priest Gear Set. In our last PlayStation Blog post we detailed how you will be able to customize your character’s approach to combat – from combat style and moves to stances and how those moves chain together. This Combat Deck is the most important feature in Absolver and we think it is what will set the game apart from other fighting and action games. The feeling of approaching an opponent and not knowing what moves and attacks they have compiled in their Combat Deck brings a great deal of tension to these battles. Alongside the ability to change stances on the fly, this level of customization makes every fight feel unique and thrilling in its own way. Now we have a new variable to introduce… weapons and powers! You might have noticed in some of the trailers and gameplay videos of Absolver that warriors are able to use different weapons and even special powers in the heat of battle. These weapons and powers can be used at the player’s discretion during fights, as long as their Tension Shards are charged properly, and can instantly change the flow and momentum of combat. Tension Shards come from ancient Adalian mystical arts: they are infused with Essence, and recharge during combat by capturing Tension, the energy flowing between two fighters. Once a weapon is equipped the player instantly shifts over to a new Combat Deck that they will have specifically designed for weapons, containing its own set of moves and combos. However, you must be careful when pulling out a weapon as you can be disarmed by a swift series of attacks, allowing your enemy to pick up the weapon and use it against you. Powers can also be assigned for quick use during and even outside of combat. These powers use tension shards as well, so finding a balance between using them and weapons will be important. Powers are acquired through experience and range from simple healing spells and opponent stamina drains, to powerful shockwaves which can create some breathing room in a scuffle. Our team is both anxious and excited to finally present Absolver to the world and can’t wait to share more with the PlayStation community soon – we’ll have more surprises to come as well. View the full article
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