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  1. New Battlefield Official Trailer

    2,193,118 dislikes at the time of this post
  2. New Battlefield Official Trailer

    Should be interesting to see how they handle the trench warfare in the storyline since most of it was just push towards one trench, take it, get pushed back, regroup, repeat.  All I know is COD getting the most dislikes ever for a gaming trailer makes me happy inside
  3. Spartan Tactical

    No I can add you if you want no problem. 
  4. Spartan Tactical

    In an effort to get my ARMA fix and desire for a larger ARMA group off the ground I have started a new organization in ARMA called the Spartan Tactical Group (Spartan Tactical or SPARTAC for short). It's based on the premise of a private military company t(o allow for the freedom to bend the rules as I see fit essentially). I've recruited two other guys with some ARMA clan management experience and explained to them the ideals I want to base the group on (mXm ) and we're starting to recruit.  We have a dedicated server and teamspeak operational and hope to get off the ground shortly; http://spartac.net So if you see me on a different profile with a SPARTAC affiliation that's whats up. Everyone's welcome to game with us as well  
  5. Forza Motorsport 6: Apex - FREE on Windows 10

    Windows 10   Also, just googled KSP on Win 10 and found lots of posts from people saying the run it without issues.
  6. What happens when Andy is on overwatch..

    Yes it can, but I think the issue is more the amount of controls needed is somewhat limited by a controller. I think its safe to say I can engage a target, dive to cover and bring up a map to form a plan, mark it while also reporting to situation to the team over the group channel and be moving again much faster and smoother than a controller player, which can be a big factor in some of the situations.   Stance adjustment is another big one, its just hard to setup on a controller and its a useful tool controller players might miss out on: This is just infantry commands:  Does not include all the different binds for diving, fixed wing, rotor, driving and a few others. So it can get crazy to set up. Holding L CTRL acts as a modifier on some items which is not shown, same for R CTRL.  For example, L CTRL + G cycles grenades.  R CTRL + M is GPS.  Or double taps, Double Tap K toggles compass on screen.   
  7. What happens when Andy is on overwatch..

    Its primarily against AI, COOP that sort of thing. Balz makes it work with a PS4 controller.
  8. What happens when Andy is on overwatch..

    I saw the pink mist in the upper chest/neck area myself. Anyhow, when are you gonna hop on the ARMA train with us and that gaming laptop of yours?
  9. PC Specs

    So I pulled the trigger on phase 1 because having it all sitting there in my cart mocking me was too much. This is the case I ended up getting:   Nice and clean, and has the option to add increase airflow if needed with a 15-20 dollar front panel kit. All the components should arrive Wednesday. I'll be harvesting the CPU, HDD and Optical Drives from my Dell for it, but otherwise this is my first dabble into a custom build.  
  10. PC Specs

      Watching some videos and doing some reading got me thinking about transplanting my Intel i7 Dell XPS 8700 SE to a new case with a new MOBO and adding some upgrades. List redacted due to changes. See my next post for updates Further down the road if I upgrade the CPU all I'd need is another MOBO and DDR4 memory. For now my CPU does fine though.   
  11. Rainbow Six: Siege DLC

  12. Squad Command Spam Fix

    I don't think the ` method worked, but the radio off seems to.  Another report says to go to configure -> game -> difficulty and disable autoreporting to do the same. Otherewise spam away, no worries
  13. Site is slowing coming together, roster and background info coming soon. 

  14. Squad Command Spam Fix

    Option 1: Select all units, set to halt. ~ key brings up command menu. Options 2: Turn off Radio in Audio under Game Options