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  1. Project CARS Videos

    Nice pass on the last turn!
  2. SpeedTest.net

      You may want to think about upgrading your router because this is what I get on my wifi.  Paying for 75 mbps now with comcast. 
  3. SpeedTest.net

  4. Party and Bullshit

    I'll be on destiny sunday night also, i may need your help bold for a mission to get an exotic weapon if you don't mind.
  5. Destiny classes

    Thanks for the info. Hope to see you guys on later today/this weekend
  6. Destiny classes

    Just wanted to see what everyone's opinions were for the best class selection. I'm leaning towards either Titan or hunter.
  7. Project CARS

    You can count me in as well. I've been itching for a good racing game for ages (ever since balz got tired of me and andy beating him at forza)
  8. [ACCEPTED] adub86

    No I hate that guy and he can't even remember his password to log into the forums, what a dummy-face.
  9. Welcome to the forums adub86 !

  10. Battle in the Final Laps

    That was a pretty sweet video andy. v8 super cars and rallying are about the only racing i can watch on tv.
  11. Need for Speed Rivals

    This game does look pretty good and its always fun running from the popo especially if they are real people and not AI. I'll probably be picking this up whenever i get my hands on a ps4 since i didn't preorder one <insert single tear rolling down face insert>. Also i think nfs is the only racing game that will be available at release. And, i have been hankering for a good racer since balz got tired of being dominated on forza and sold his xbox.
  12. Car Sounds

    http://transmission....sesto-elemento/ A little bit behind the scenes for the sesto elemento
  13. Whatcha Driving?

    That seems like it may produce a little bit of bass. I used to have a sub in my other cars i miss them sometimes, just not the same listening to music now.
  14. Whatcha Driving?

    Thank you both. Yes Andy I think that the g37 is the skyline everywhere else in the world. I think of the skyline as the r34 or gt-r.
  15. Car Sounds

    that ferrari sounds pretty good especially on the downshift. Yeah i couldn't find any good clips of 370z that were driving found a couple on the dyno but they weren't very good. Amuse exhuast is pretty good as well but couldn't find any good ones of those either. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEaSZMYV498