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    Oh Canada!
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  1. Guess whose getting hitched

    Thanks guys, and were having a beer/brewery themed wedding of course!
  2. Guess whose getting hitched

    She said yes, so now shes stuck with me!
  3. Happy Birthday srans

    Awe thanks guys! 
  4. I hear we're doing retro sigs...

    Oh Canada? wtf?
  5. Guess whats brewing?

    Well, I look at it like this... As a Chef, my goal is to get as many people to try my dishes as I can. Sometimes I would luck out and the restaurant would be really busy and 1000 people would walk out eating something that I created. Applying that to homebrewing is the same thing, I want as many people to drink what I create. At Abita, ill be able to do exactly that every few months when the other brewers and I compete our homebrew's for the next Abita Select. As for the homebrew store, it totally throws a wrench into everything for now. Granted being able to say I work for Abita, sounds a whole lot better than saying Im just an avid homebrewer. Its going to take a bit longer to have a storefront, granted the website is ready to go so I might pursue that a bit more.
  6. Guess whats brewing?

    ME! I just got a job as a brewer for Abita Brewery!
  7. I hear we're doing retro sigs...

    Hahaha I felt like it was only fitting
  8. I hear we're doing retro sigs...

    ​haha mine was swedish chef lol
  9. I hear we're doing retro sigs...

    I suppose ill join in too
  10. Hardcore

    I feel like its going to end up like the Blair Witch Project. Granted, if I can play a fps for 18 hours straight, I should be able to get through an hour and 45 minute movie lol.
  11. Hardcore

    So the guy who did the short clip Bad Motherfucker (http://youtu.be/Rgox84KE7iY), wants to do a feature film. Seems like it could be a pretty sweet idea that some of you guys might want to check out.
  12. Upgrade Phase II

    Nice, I didnt even have to register again!
  13. The Crew

    Dude, they even have New Orleans! Down to the Superdome, Water Pump Construction site, and Burbon! Sweet!!
  14. mXm Annual Meetup

    Im not opposed to having a skype session, you guys can all crash on my couch come Mardi Gras too :)
  15. Guardians of the Galaxy

    Have you guys heard about the deadpool film?