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  1. Anyone still playing?

    If you can find it on the rockstar socialclub then you simply click add to game and it'll ad to your game, then either look for the yellow/orange starter location or go into start new job>bookmarked jobs and it should be under there. Will be jamming tonight for a bit but I dont really know the time zone differences haha
  2. Anyone still playing?

    was awesome playing along side DYKC man, we must jam again with more guys and smash some races and DMs and such!
  3. Getting hit hard by an MMO addiction

    Well there's the new star wars old republic MMO or is that the same thing haha? I tried it out aswell but can't seem to get it to run on windows 8 so not playing that anymore though I must admit I enjoyed it alot!
  4. Friends, Homies, Countrymen! (An Introduction)

    Zup brobeans! Nice intro! We must jam some GTA V sometime! PSN Tag is Xpresstill!
  5. 2am - raining and I'm gaming

  6. Anyone still playing?

    Was wondering if anyone was still playing? Would be cool to rule San Andreas streets with you lot some time!
  7. Getting hit hard by an MMO addiction

    So believe it or not, I'm very new to the MMO experience. I played in a CS clan and we moved through things like Warcraft and Starcraft and Dota before dota was its own thing even. But I never ventured into the whole MMORPG thing, Mostly because when I wasn't at the cafe for the gaming nights and all weekend tournemants I was home on my Playstation. But recently, I finally decided it was time to try out what all my friends have been so addicted to for some time now. World Of Warcraft has quickly become a big thing for me daily happenings haha, Recently I was on a trip across the country and back for 2 weeks and I even started reading the most random things and downloading the most random WOW apps just to keep my mind at bay! But now, I've learnt of the TESO beta saying they will be sending out more invites and that 2 of my friends received theirs today! I signed up. Not sure if this was a good idea haha. What are your thoughts on WoW? Are you going to sign up for the beta of TESO and/or pre-order? If you're on wow and want to lay sometime leave your battletag :) Mine is Xpresstill#2126
  8. GTA DLC / New Game Modes coming 2014

    Really looking forward to the story mode DLC, out of all the GTA's I found this ones story hard to put away. Busy with my second play through to try get 100% off the bat, the online has become slightly slow but have tried my hand at the creators. Still, there's still so much more they could do with it..
  9. Hi guys, Thanks so much for the warm welcome! Sorry the reply is so late, just coming off fight night down in cape town so things have been a bit hectic cause I had to travel across the country! I'm mostly on ps3 and PC, but looking to get myself a PS4 round July time. Will def be more active on the forums and such aswell seeing as my phone is all sorted now, (New screens are the best!) looking forward to havn a chat and maybe playing together sometime soon :)
  10. Oh and yes that's my kid planking in my profile pic..
  11. Hi There! I'm not really good at these things plus my ADD can get the better of me sometimes so I decided to just copy and paste the questions and then answer them and maybe I'll have a bow of ice cream... What's your name and age? Mark King, 23 Where are you from and what do you do? From Durban South Africa, now staying in Johannesburg. I'm a graphic designer/ animator that runs a small MMA magazine and online blog What's your gaming tag? XpressTill What consoles do you own? PS3 and PC What games do you currently play online? GTA Online, The Last Of Us, World Of Warcraft and now and then Battlefield 3 How did you hear about us? Rockstar Socialclub news feed Why you want to become a part of mXm? I have been playing games ever since I can remember. I played in a counter strike clan for 4 years and they were really the only group that have ever stuck together until we all lost contact ( Life taking it's course, school, jobs, moving, kids, etc ) And I want that sense of family back. I find myself in my games because it's where I'm free, but without some people to share the experiences with what's the point? Yes sometimes I'm described as the guy with the screw loose but I have a good heart. I'd like to become apart of mXm because I believe I would be a great addition to your family and I hope you're willing to give me a chance. Any other pertinent information or things you'd like to share. I work a few nights a week when it comes upto fight nights so every 2 months there's a about 2 weeks where I'm not always online. I love ice cream and smarties. I am terribly scared of spiders and I'm often the guy screaming "Parkour!" before falling on my face. Well there it is. I finally got through the questions and I hope it helps! Looking forward to making some friends here even if I don't make the official crew cut! :)
  12. Welcome to the forums XpressTill !