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The Godfather

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  1. Hey guys....I'm back and as usual....

    Thanks I will play something with you tonight Andy if you have time. And if my kids let me , I purchased the ps TV and they are constantly occupying the console now from their rooms. 
  2. Hey guys....I'm back and as usual....

    since I have played with so many here before , a long time ago when I had so many less kids , I was hoping you guys could assist me please .....     i am a huge Xbox fan , but I purchased a ps4 ( actually my wife did because she was sick of me debating for a half hour in the electronics section of Target about whether the purchase was truly worth it ) so I need to build up my friends list again , since my list has disappeared leaving me with no friends .... As if that's any different from my PS3 days ......, I just never really have had a lot of friends ....on console.....or life. ????     so please add me .... IamTheGodfather on either Xbox or  Psn ...... Or real life at Rick LoFrisco 
  3. The "History" of P_K

    Also.... Those are all the games I have,  although gta v didn't show up in that pic for some reason.  I also have a few others digitally downloaded,  xbox restricts how many you can have as pins.  I know I don't have outlast showing there,  and there is a couple others I don't have showing there also.  This was not to boast or anything juvenile,  it was simply to show which games we can meet up on.  
  4. The "History" of P_K

    I am doing really well, thanks for asking.  I did misunderstand this post,  I actually came across this site and post when I was searching for an old SOCOM video we made for gamebattles,  Google led me here.  I am very happy to see another original clan from SOCOM made it this long.  With the same tags and so many members.  We changed our tags a thousand times,  but the clan has stayed together the whole time.     And Tup only plays COD lol.  He buys games here and there,  but that is the only game he truly plays.  I am dedicated to my xbox one,  hut very open to the game I play.... I have a ps4 in our theater room,  but I haven't played it really at all...  My son plays it a lot.   IamTheGodfather is my gamertag if any one wants to add me,  just send me a message letting me know who you are.  
  5. The "History" of P_K

    And if you guys ever want to speak with a couple of those " missing"  players... Hit me up as well.  They Don our tags with pride.  
  6. The "History" of P_K

    Hate to burst the bubbles and ruin your trip down memory lane,  but 9mK has been together for a lot longer and has stayed completely whole the entire time,  minus a couple of tragic incidents that life throws out at all of us.  But yes,  I am still leading,  we still have the same guys, Kronic,  Tupdoe,  Zero,  Turk,  Terror,  CK,  D Man,.... The list is huge and we have all stayed together that whole time.  Nice to see some of you still hung through it all,  but mxm,  the true mxm,  detested p k because p k was nothing but trolls and immature gamers with very poor skills.  I know it was about having fun,  but losing that bad to all the good clans took a toll on your clan.  We,  how ever,  came through a better clan,  absorbed some people,  one or two from P K,  and continued to strive.  We meet up twice a year,  we just had a reunion here at my home,  all 23 of us.  It was a great time.  I am happy to see you did keep in touch,  but please,  for history sake,  update this.... Because 9mK was too good to not stay together.  We play competively to this date.  We are on ALL the major titles and on both consoles.  Hit me up if you want a rematch  lol.