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  1. GT5: Your FAVORITE car

    How I would love to play this game. GT was one of my fav games all time.
  2. Juggy

    [quote name='JerZ' timestamp='1290290468' post='497'] I'm gl ad you're sticking around now it's nice having most ofI the oldies still in contact. You saying im old??? HAHA!!!!
  3. Juggy

    Unfortunatly detoxed is a great description. I wish I could explain how hard it was for me to give it up. What really hit home for me was my kids. After my divorce, I only would see my kids every other week end. So basically 4 days a month and I can remember them coming over and me sitting at my computer playing WoW and basically ignoring them. Gaming can be a healthy hobby, I just wasn't able to keep my gaming time at healthy levels. I became numb to everything around me.
  4. Juggy

    Not a fan of you???? What are you talking about, I always loved your m-14!!! lol Hi Jerz :)
  5. Juggy

    I was just the leader by title. It was always the mXmbers that led this clan and made everything work. All I did was surround us with like minded people who enjoyed gaming.
  6. Juggy

    [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1289884857' post='465'] hah, I figured you would do the profile editing. I do have your old signature saved though and can through that down for ya :) Alright, that will do for now I guess. I just dont feel right having leader on that sig though so if you get bored soon why not keep that same sig but draw a line through the leader part. :) I love ya!!!
  7. Juggy

    [quote name='BalzOnYer4Head' timestamp='1289883459' post='462'] We are always here mang! and you always have a home here! How has life been treatin ya?! Ive been good. Call me some time this week. I posted my info in the contact thread. And what kind of ship are you running here anyway? Kotaco gives me a username and a password to set up my forum account and he doesnt give me a signiture? Could you talk to him for me? HAHA!!!
  8. 2004 SOCOM Oscars

    [quote name='bmcelwee32' timestamp='1288817657' post='377'] congrads We took home more awards in that event than any other clan on the forums. It was a very proud moment for me. You guys made [mXm] what it was then, and continue to today. Awsome job all!!
  9. Juggy

    [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1286630445' post='61'] Has anybody kept in contact with Juggy? I'd like to see him stop by once a year or so and say hello! Maybe at least let him know we're still here and send him a patch! Hey all, im here. :) I still cant believe this. You guys rock!!