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  1. whats up

    hahaha yea but the camo was great... (just lying in the grass and an enemy lays down next to you and doesnt see you)
  2. [MIA] Recruit

    BLUZme PS3 SOCOM 4 i want to find a clan that has fun playing together i came across this site looking for topics on socom 4 (dont hate me cause im a noob....hahaha) BLUZ
  3. whats up

    whats up everyone, my PS3 name is BLUZme, i have been a long time Socom Fan ive played since the first one, my love was socom 3, and i have never found a game i enjoyed as much, im a friendly guy just wanting to get more fun out of socom 4, i play as often as i can, mainly on my days off. (and when my Honey doo list is done lol) P.S. just to let you know im not the best player i just have fun winning or losing