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  1. Was in mXm in Socom 2, any of you remember?

    Balz what's HAPPENIN brother! Socom 4 really does love it in the butt, still have it though. It's gotten a little better since the party system. Not sure which console i'll be playing BF3 on, may just have to make it ps3 after all.
  2. Was in mXm in Socom 2, any of you remember?

    Yeah, I remember you. That's cool man. Good to see some of the old gang still gets around. What about Balz? PSN handle is Kaniption throw me an add if you'd like. Bout time zipper put out a party system patch for christ sake!
  3. Spyder-Rodeo / Captain Ownage/ Mr FancyPants here. Been a long time, can't believe you guys are still around. Don't remember too many of you, Balz (SURGICAL BROTHER,never forget that),Deliverance, Devilz, Jerz that's all that come to mind right now. They need to put blood lake in s4!