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  1. Fantraq.com

    Hey all! It's been a while and I hope all is well with everyone. What are you guys playing these days? I've been on hiatus as far as gaming goes but with the winter fast approaching I foresee more gaming opportunities. I had a friend come to the hubs and I with an idea which has launched Fantraq.com. The concept is a website ran by the user to keep Traq (see what I did there?) of things you are a fan of and accomplishments - Gaming, fishing, camping, travel, sports, etc... anything that you like to do and would want want to keep a log of. So, of course I made a journal entry of the Socom Oscars and included a link to clanmxm.com as a photo source. :) ( http://fantraq.com/journal_entries/view/75 ) Fantraq.com is in it's toddler stage and we are still working out the kinks but I would be flattered if you would like to join the site and create some journal entries of your fandom. If you do join (and I hope you do) please don't be shy about feedback about improvements, content suggestions or report a bug. (side note: if reporting a bug that involves coding, a screen shot would be a huge help to pin point the issue.) Much love, Devilz ;)
  2. Little JerZ

    Holy cow. Congrats, Jerz! She's beautiful just like her momma! :D :D I suddenly feel so ancient.