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  1. FINALLY!!!! How you all doing?

    Well, he is older... than me. :) He's 36 or something.. but, has always been Agent009.5 like from the movie I Spy with Eddie Murphy.
  2. FINALLY!!!! How you all doing?

    Oh yeah.!! Pretty pumped! To those that it may concern.. Looks like I changed my user name. WAAAAY back when.. I had Thorn2k, and then I didn't have service for a while and I lost it.. Hence the ZERO! Checked tonight to see if I could get it, and I DID! but, now I gotta go around informing people who probably don't care that I don't have a 0 anymore.. just an o. Sheesh.. now that I think about it. Maybe I should have just stopped fucking with some stuff. I blame the booze.
  3. FINALLY!!!! How you all doing?

    If you remember Agent009.5 in Zen he plays Forza a lot too. He just got an xbox.. plays the shit outta that game.
  4. Man, I gotta tell ya.. I have had a HELL OF A TIME registering for your site. That word scramble thing never worked.. and I tried using the audio deal and that didn't work. I finally had to sign in using Twitter! Just wanted to stop by and see how everyone was doing!! I know a lot of people have resurfaced with the shit ton of games that recently came out. COD and BF3 mostly. Zen is back up and running too, but, on the Xbox side for the most part. We also changed our site up to get away from the SOCOM themed game play. Can't forget SOCOM though, its what stated this online gaming fix that I've been getting for the past 10 years! Anyway, if any of you guys are on Xbox and play BF3 shoot me an add. Th0rn2k *0 = zero* I don't play COD much, but, I do have it and have a few hours here and there I get on. Also if you're looking for YET ANOTHER website to spam up, we have our new one up and running at: www.zenclan.org if you did register on it before you'll have to re-register. Here is our battlelog junk too :-) Me: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/Th0rn2k/ Zen Platoon Xbox: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241092919556/ Zen Platoon PS3: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391429254741/ (this is still under development) Good to see you guys.. I'll be around!
  5. How do you make your wife scream while having sex??? Do what I did... I called her at work while I was having it.!!