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  1. Little Fockers

    For a start the director of American PIE should not have been put in charge of this so far so good franchise. Meet the Parents has just finished with this installment. Ben Stiller is back with his ongoing shenanigans with father in-law DeNiro, but all to no avail You will see many Godfather references and Jaws references to name a few. Just terrible and all in all rude, obscure and down right awful humour. If you see this because your a Jessica Alba fan, your forgiven, but if you expect to see legends Harvey Keitel, Barbara Streisand or Dustin Hoffman on screen for more than about 15 minutes, forget it. Leave your brain at the door, this stupid movie may get more laughs when vacant.
  2. Top Gear

    While i'm (fairly) sure the game won't be at rFactor's level, all the review/gameplay videos I've seen so far of it are using wheels and they look fine. I've seen Fanatecs and Logitech wheels in various F1 2010 videos. I'll be home playing in about an hour so I'll let you know how it is. Also, Dirt 2 works beautifully with my DFGT wheel. The first Dirt, however, is all but unplayable. Horrible input lag... Joined up, btw. Hopefully there's gonna be some clean F1 2010 races to be found. Can't stand the console style crash-fests.
  3. America's Scariest Jobs

    It's no surprise that window washers may have one of the scariest jobs in America, but what about teachers? A new survey from CareerBuilder found teaching is one of the top 10 scariest professions. More than 4,300 workers voted in a nationwide survey. A bomb squad technician was voted the scariest job. A high-rise window washer was second. Rounding out the top five; serving in the Armed Forces, mining and a policing. A teacher ranked ninth.