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  1. introduction

    [quote name='BalzOnYer4Head' timestamp='1335530898' post='1897'] Welcome to the community. We are all pretty laid back as well. We havent played competitively in a long time, but we do like to play as a team and try to go for the win. If we lose though, we still had fun all the same. So where ya from? How old are ya? Do you have Battlefield3? We have a few members that are on MW3, but most of us are on BF right now, and looking forward to Ghost Recon Future Soldier. What are some of your other game interests? That should be enough questions for now. im from ohio, im 21, yep i have BF3. im not the biggest fan of it though.
  2. [MIA] application

    Name: Tony PSN ID: tonymac2113 Consule: ps3 Online Games: mw3, bf3 Reason For Applying: just looking for a good clan with solid values and a nice laid back group of people to play with. How I Heard About You: ps3 forums
  3. introduction

    im not very good with interductions, so i guess i will get on with it. i just started playing mw3 on psn. i used to play black ops on 360 a lot, but had to get rid of it because of the RRoD. im a pretty laid back person. im not sure what else to say, so i guess if you have any questions just ask.
  4. Welcome to the forums tonymac2113 !