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  1. AR15 Build

    That's insane, matt. lol
  2. A good year for Resident Evil

    Well, I'll let you guys in on this. I pre-ordered RE: ORC, and was there to pick it up for midnight release. The game is pretty much a cluttered mess of bugs, broken game mechanics and absolute nonsense. The only fun I actually had in the game was the few times during co-op and when I wasn't facing a Hunter. Because when a Hunter is more powerful than the Tyrant B.O.W...there's a problem.... I have taken the game back and have not regretted it. I will gladly take a torch to that game and piss on the ashes. But...that's just my opinion. lol.
  3. AR15 Build

    Goddamn, man. I think I got a stiffy. That's beautiful. Now you need to take that puppy out to the range!
  4. [ACCEPTED] Intrested in joining

    Hooah! Looking forward to it, then. The more the merrier!
  5. [ACCEPTED] Intrested in joining

    Yeah, a mic is an absolute must, bud. You can get a simple bluetooth earpiece on a really good price these days.
  6. introduction

    HOOAH! Agreed, come join our server and see how this high team oriented tactical warfare game is MEANT to be played. You will feel like you are actually on the field of battle if you roll with this group. ^_^
  7. Hello Everyone

    Yeah, I know..I apologize for that, Deuce lol. And thank you JerZ, but don't worry..the day will come where you're on the other end of my barrel. Balz was, you can ask him how that was like. lol ^_^
  8. Congrats Deuce!!

    Hell yeah! Thank you Technological advancements! lol
  9. Hello Everyone

    [quote name='Deucedeuse' timestamp='1335882703' post='1963'] Welcome aboard Aranki, I see you're a sniper in the marines right? The mXm family is super military friendly, Balz was a cook in the marines I believe;) and I'm in the coast guard as a helicopter mechanic and aviation precision marksman. Hope all is well and hope to split some skulls with ya. - dd Oh no, I'm not in the Military sir. I'm just intrigued by Snipers, especially ones involved in the Corps. When it finally came down to the crossroads between Military and College, I decided to go to College and be the first one in my family to not be Military and graduate from a University. Don't get me wrong though, I'm pretty sure if I would have decided to go Marines or Army like the rest of my bloodline, I would have been a Scout Sniper *Marines* or a Sniper *Army*, because I'm a pretty deadly ace behind a rifle scope. I've been handling bolt action rifles ever since I have been able. Thank god for being raised by Military family in Arkansas ^_^ lol.
  10. [ACCEPTED] Intrested in joining

    Greetings, Cadet_monkey! I have no say so really in the matter of your joining our family here seeing as I'm just a lowly grunt. But I'm sure one of our leaders will see your post today, so just keep checking back to your thread and I'm sure you'll have a bite soon. I'll be hopping on the server again in a little bit, so if I see you I'll join your squad and see how ya click. Heads up though, mXm is more of a gaming community then it is an actual competition clan. Everyone here is real friendly though, so if you have a mic and your talkative, I'm sure people will listen to ya. Just got to show your face and get recognized. As far as your info, I'll go ahead and ask since I'm sure someone will ask soon enough, can you give a little bit more info on yourself? Where your from, what's your rank on BF3, what do you prefer to play as a role, do you have a mic, etc. etc.
  11. Hello Everyone

    It all depends on how you play Recon, andy. To people that's just in it for themselves...yeah it can be a pretty selfish role. But if you use the tools given to you to help your team out, like your SOFLAM or MAV, Recon has some tremendous team potential. And if you have a mic, that just adds to it. I, myself, try my best to call out what's going on in the battlefield through my scope and MAV. It all depends on how you play your class to decide on how well it helps your team out, honestly. Hehe.
  12. Hello Everyone

    [quote name='Colt_Seavers' timestamp='1335811640' post='1943'] Welcome Aranki. I had a blast last night in that tank lol. Also those silly teamkillers just didn't know who they were messing with. :P Welcome Aranki. I had a blast last night in that tank lol. Also those silly teamkillers just didn't know who they were messing with. :P Comes quicker than ya think, andy. Just got to keep at it and pop some heads. And driving tanks is my second love, Colt. I'll be happy to be your driver anyday. You were one hell of an ace behind that MG.
  13. Congrats Deuce!!

    Reading these old posts makes me remember when my little man was born. Memories ^_^ It's good times being a parent for sure.
  14. Hello Everyone

    Counter-Sniping is my business and business is good, sir. ^_^ And I will absolutely give you the benefits of my handy SOFLAM against those enemy birds, just got to remind me to grab it if you're partnered with me, as I'm trying to work on unlocking my L96 rifle, aka "Creeping Death" assignment. And Seine Crossing...well, i just have to tell you is one of my favorite maps to snipe on. The thrills of medium-short range sniping is absolutely absurd with the SV98 rifle with a 6x scope and a silencer, lol. And I kind of figured you fellas were losing your nerve once you guys started rushing me, lol. That was a fun game :)
  15. Hello Everyone

    Hahaha ^_^ Thank ya Balz, I have to say, you're an annoying Engi. Glad you're on my side! Ya, Taco we caught some a-holes later on in the matches, but we didn't let them stop us! HOOAH And ya win some ya lose some, I always say.