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  1. Intro - LBdave562

    Hey everyone. I was playing on the server last night. You guys seem coordinated. It is hard to find unified groups these days. I have the server on my favorites. Whenever I play, that will be the first server I stop by. I've been playing FPS games since Wolfenstein on my 286, and "online" (LAN) since Quake. I gave up on PC games because I got tired of hackers. I've never hacked, and hacking was getting out of control. I still prefer the mouse and keyboard controls, but the PS3 is good enough. I can play just about any class with the exception of sniper. I most like playing a support role, either "Support" or Medic. Anything that helps the team out. I'm looking forward to playing with people who are coordinated and work together. This game is definitely a squad game. There are too many synergies between the classes to be on a server with a bunch of lone wolves trying to win it themselves.
  2. Welcome to the forums lbdave562 !