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  1. Going Back to work

    As many of you know, I do road construction for a living and I've been laid off since the day after Thanksgiving.  I have managed to bitch and moan my way into going back to work a few weeks early. This means that I will actually have money and a life again soon.  I'm very happy to be going back to work and I thought I'd share the good news. 
  2. Going Back to work

    A little update: I returned to work this week and the week was stressful to say the least. My company attempted to demote me without giving me a reason why and the bosses were all over my ass for things that were beyond my control. It wasn't the return to work I was looking forward to having.    Needless to say, this made me miserable. A friend of mine got a new job and he told me about it. I went to the company that hired him and they hired me right there on the spot. They offered me more money than I'm currently making, better benefits, more paid time off, more training, room for advancement, and a better overall work environment.    Needless to say, I'm very excited about going to this new company and the opportunity to succeed.    My my first day at the new job will be May, 4th. 
  3. Going Back to work

  4. Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)

    Believe it or not, I've never seen a Star Wars movie. 
  5. BOLD versus VIDEOGAMES #1

    Cool video. It's too much work for me to do a video; I don't have the patience.    I'd like to see someone put something together from a night of mXm playing Hardline. Crazy chopper flying, rocket kills, owing hotwired via the sky, hanging out of a car going around the turn firing 203's, me doing my best Leroy Jenkins on as the VIP on crosshair; I'm sure there would be plenty of good footage. 
  6. The Show 2015

    Anyone picking this up?  Now you can carry over your saves from last year. It's a nice new addition.  I picked it up, I know DirtNap is also picking it up; I assume Odin will be getting it too. 

    This game looks sick. 
  8. Guess whose getting hitched

  9. New video of "Pre-Alpha" game play..

    They have the Socom look down pretty good. 
  10. The Show 2015

    Not sure but we can try it. 
  11. Hardline

    I like the game but it's not going to make me put bf4 away.  Hardline is fun, as Odin said, the new modes are cool but it is more a small map, quick action type game.  I like the war (tanks, choppers, jeeps, jets, and so on) aspect better than cops and robbers.  Hardline has cars and choppers but it's not the same; it almost has a run and gun feel to it and that isn't what battlefield is all about.  As of now, I like it better than cod aw but it's still behind bf4 for me.  I just got hardline yesterday so my opinion may change.     
  12. Happy Birthday srans

    Happy birthday. 

    ​It's all good; I'm not that great at the game. Andy and I can fight it out for last place. 

    ​it's a money issue for me. I'm laid off, I don't have extra money for video games. Wish I did. 

    Dust off this game guys. I just started playing it and I've now unlocked the ability to play online. I may suck, but I'm sure it would be fun. 
  16. Random mXm encounter in Destiny

     Back on Socom II (still to date, my favorite game of all time) I wasn't a part of mXm, however, I did enjoy many hours of playing alongside them and against them.    On a side note, if they remade Socom II, without changing a thing except updating the graphics, I would buy it in a heartbeat. 
  17. I wish I had some money. 
  18. New NASCAR Game Coming to PS4

    I used to enjoy occasionally playing nascar games back in the day. I didn't go out and buy all the games (I would buy one every few years) since I didn't play them regularly because it could be difficult to get all the correct set ups for all the tracks.  I would probably ably buy this game to check it out. 
  19. Instant Messengers

    I don't think I have used a instant messenger service in the last 10 years. With text messaging, skype, FaceTime, and email, who needs a messenger?   Chad said it is required for his job; in my opinion that is strange.  Im honestly surprised that they are still available. 
  20. COD AW

    My favorite mode is still hardcore domination. For a player of my caliber, it's a perfect fit. There aren't going to be too many matches where I'm leading the team in kills (sad, but true) so I can contribute  to the outcome by capturing and defending points. I'm not a run and gun type of player.    If all else fails,   
  21. COD AW

    Since I'm starting to get better at this game, I'm redoing my scorestreaks and I have a question to those of you that play.   Everyone hates yes the system hack perk, so my question is do you run the hard wired perk to counter the system hack?  I'm making an expensive system hack perk by adding the disable streaks, disable exo movements, and extra time. Is it worth it to run such an expensive perk?  It would completely disable the other team but if they are running hard wired, it would be a waste of a perk.    Thoughts?
  22. [MIA] Application for membership.

    My psn name is the same as on here, "FlyersFan".  The he only game I have that you own is cod aw so I guess I'll see you in battle. 
  23. COD AW

    So I recently discovered the exo survival game mode and I love it. The first night Odin and I played and we had fun. Later that night I linked up with dirtnap and again, we had a blast.  Dirty and I played it again last night with some randoms and we had some good rounds and a few not so good rounds.    I would love love to get a four man group of us running this game mode to see just how far we can get with some good communication and support.  Anyone game?
  24. COD AW

    ​No worries. 
  25. COD AW

    I play a lot of domination and I see the system hack a lot. I always run hard wired.  I ran setup I mentioned in the original post yesterday and I'm torn. It was kind of funny to get some kills by watching people trying to exo-jump to a rooftop but they ended up just jumping in place.  The only downfall is it does take a lot of points to get the scorestreak for my system hack.    ​I do the same. I run cold blooded and hard wired on every class.