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Request A Sig/ Avatar

Well I figured it's about time to get this going again with the amount of new members coming aboard and all the sigless folks I see.

We have a few talented people when it comes to graphic design, so if you need a sig or avatar you're in the right place.

To request, make a post and be sure to include some specific info for us to better get something you'll like.

Something things to consider:

Theme? (ex. Racing / Sci Fi)
Color Scheme? (ex. White, Red, Black, Mocha)
Any specific images you'd like included? (Please include those images rather than making us search for them)
Any text you'd like included? (ex. mXm YourName, Bad Ass, Noob Tuber)
Anything else you feel is important for the designer to know.

Someone, possibly multiple people, will get to work and present you with a finished product. If more than one sig/avatar is given back to you to choose from, choose what is best. We won't have our feelings hurt if you don't pick ours. Plus it's always good practice!

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