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PS4 controller on ArmA

Come to find out you dont need to download any controller configuring program to use your controller on ArmA

I was playing around with it yesterday and decided to plug my ps4 controller in ... it happened to become visible in the ArmA controller settings ... but All I could do was adjust the sensitivities in the Controller settings ... got a little frustrated and thought that was it ... But come to find out you can go in to the Keyboard settings and the Wireless Controller was visible on that , I was able to invert axis and set my controller how I wanted it for the game !!!

This changes a lot of things for me ... I am sure some of you figured this out by now .. but I have not seen posts about it ... so I am posting this for those in the future that get in to PC games that you will not have to download something for the PS4 or Xbox controller , ArmA has the ability to auto recognize it for you and gives you access to adjust your controller !  

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