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Insurgency (FOR PC)

I picked up the game today ... Going to give it a test run and see how it goes ... 

The same guys that made the SOCOM stuff on CS:GO are doing stuff on this title as well ... Hopeing for the best ... it was only a $15 game so wont loose out to big if it turns out to be a flop 

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So far no controller use at this point ....   there is a way to get controller access , I am trying to figure it out at this point ... 

No there not all Socom Maps , but if you join a SOCOM INS server you play in 3rd person with Socom Crosshairs ... At this point there is no one in the server I am in so I am playing with BOTs but it is kind of fun at this point ... 

I am not going to recommend this at this point mainly because the lack of controller support , but this definitely has a socom feel to the game .. it is not a Run and gun like COD for damn sure ... 

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Still a no go ... For me atleast .... This is the instructions I was givin to do 


Controller settings for Socom: INS
Controller does not work properly in Insurgency, much like CS, by default without changing some things. 

The easiest thing to do is to copy this entire .cfg file. You can then change sensitivity as you please. Got this file from Insurgency player UnderArmor007.

So go to your Insurgency files. 
- Steam/SteamApps/Common/insurgency
-Open the folder named insurgency and then into the folder named cfg
-Now open up that controller.cfg file in Notepad and delete all contents
- Copy and paste all of this into that notepad.

joystick 1
joy_advanced "1" // use advanced joystick options (allows for multiple axes)

joy_name "Insurgency Xbox360 Joystick Configuration"

joy_advanced "1"
joy_advaxisx "3"
joy_advaxisy "1"
joy_advaxisz "0"
joy_advaxisr "2"
joy_advaxisu "4"
joy_advaxisv "0"

joy_forwardsensitivity "-1.0"
joy_sidesensitivity "1"
joy_forwardthreshold "0.35" // movement dead zone settings
joy_sidethreshold "0.35"
joy_pitchsensitivity "-0.9" // adjusts sensitivity
joy_pitchsensitivity_default "-0.85"
joy_yawsensitivity "-0.9" // adjusts sensitivity
joy_yawsensitivity_default "-0.9"
joy_pitchthreshold "0.35" // look dead zone settings
joy_yawthreshold "0.35"

joy_curvepoint_1 "0.005"
joy_curvepoint_2 "0.1"
joy_curvepoint_3 "0.4"
joy_curvepoint_4 "0.8"
joy_curvepoint_end "2"

joy_useNewJoystickPeggedTest "0"
//(auto aim dampening)
joy_autoAimDampenMethod 1
joy_autoaimdampenrange "0.99"
joy_autoaimdampen "0.4"

joy_variable_frametime 1
joy_lowend "0.35"
joy_lowmap "0.1"

joy_gamma "0.1"
joy_accelscale "6.0"
joy_accelscalepoly "0.5"
joy_accelmax "1.0"
joy_accel_filter "0.999"

joy_pegged "0.8"
cl_pitchspeed "180"
joy_response_move "5"
joy_response_look "0"
joy_response_look_pitch "0"

joy_virtual_peg "1"

joy_inverty "0"
joy_movement_stick "0"

zoom_sensitivity_ratio_joystick ".30" // changes aim down sights sensitivity

joy_lookspin_default "0.45"
cl_rumblescale "1.0"

bind "A_BUTTON" "+jump" // jump
bind "B_BUTTON" "toggle_duck" // toggles duck
bind "X_BUTTON" "+reload" // reload
bind "Y_BUTTON" "+use" // pick up dropped weapon, plant bomb etc.
bind "L_SHOULDER" "+use_accessory" // use nightvision when equipped
bind "R_SHOULDER" "+voicerecord" // voice chat
bind "BACK" "scrollup" // cycle weapon up
bind "START" "scrolldown" // cycle weapon down

bind "L_TRIGGER" "+special2" // aim down sight
bind "R_TRIGGER" "+attack" // fire

bind "UP" "camcmd" // switch from 3rd to 1st. Also spectator mode if dead
bind "LEFT" "+tpsleft" //lean left
bind "RIGHT" "+tpsright" //lean right
bind "DOWN" "+firemode" //fire mode

bind "STICK1" "+toggle_sprint" // toggle sprint
bind "STICK2" "+prone" // toggle prone
bind "S1_UP" "xmove"
bind "S2_UP" "xlook"

---- Then save the file as controller.cfg and your done. 

- WHEN YOU GET IN THE GAME go to the console and type: exec socom

Don't type exec socom controller. Doing that activates a separate default config it seems to me and everything you just changed above will not work. I believe redline set it up that way for ease of use for people, but it still is getting tweaked.

- After typing exec socom exit the console and press K to ready up.

- Now go back in to the console and type: exec controller

That will activate your above config and you are ready to play. This 100% works with the Xbox controller. Dont have a PS controller to test but it should work just fine.

You can see I made comments in the file so you know what values to change if you wanted to adjust sensitivity. You just change those numbers inside the quotes.

For sensitivity changes going farther into the negative numbers will INCREASE sensitivity. For instance changing both to -2.5 makes it very sensitive. 

Going closer to zero will DECREASE sensitivity. Anything less then -0.6 is pretty slow.


Edited by Induced_Horizon

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OK ... Finally got the controller to work .. but not my PS4 controller ... it works with my logitec controller ... All I need to do now is figure out how to invert axis 


EDIT:     joy_inverty "0"

change the 0 to a 1 and it will invert axis ... .... All good now 

Edited by Induced_Horizon

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With the video of the SOCOM mod, I ended up buying the 4-pack of this game to pass around to everyone. Then realized Induced already bought it.  So I have 3 extra copies that I'll be distributing.

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based on what I am seeing at this point .. they are not all socom maps , but there are 2 socom maps added to the list of maps when you join in a SOCOM INS server ... Nightstalker and fishhook .... both labeled as ALPHA testing ... I am searching for server passwords at this point ..


EDIT : no server passwords .. only on one where the DEV is working on things ... 

you can easily find the socom servers by typing socom in the search for servers 

Edited by Induced_Horizon

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I am personally not a big fan of the maps in the game , but I like the Push mode ... i am excited to see more of the socom maps added in time ... i played on the night stalker map already and was really happy with it ... I went ahead and got CS:GO this weekend as well to play the socom maps on it too to kind of get prepared ... Readline plans on bringing Demolition , supression ,and one other mode(cant remember)

Make sure ya go to the socom source Steam page to download the cross hairs to get some of the socom feel ...

I didn't anticipate anyone picking up this title this soon ... I planed on testing it all out for ya and reporting back my findings .. but this is good as well , maybe we all can get in a game here soon 

Edited by Induced_Horizon
Totally agree with the Video andy posted

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