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Project CARS: Weekly Race

I would absolutely love to start having a weekly race set up with the clean racers we come across in game.  I've sent out a message to the ones I know already (whether through existing mXmbers - Balz and Gordy - or the ones I have come across through public races).  The clean, respectful races are hard to come by, so I want to get the ones we know of and have regular (whether it be weekly, twice-weekly, semi-weekly, whatever works for everyone) races and go from there.  

The people I've sent messages out to I've already added on my friends list, and are respectful drivers and would love to avoid the bullshit that is public rooms every once in a while.

The idea would be for everyone to collaborate on days/times that works for everyone to get the best turnout for the races.  Absolutely feel free to also invite other races you know of that we might not, that are clean, respectful racers to these as well.  The more the better.  

I think the ideal scenario is to get a solid pool of good racers that we can have several full private race rooms up per week that would be enjoyable for everyone.  Doesn't need to be serious or competitive, just needs to allow these racers to avoid the bullshit of public rooms, while still enjoying a full(ish) room of good racing.

Let me know what you think.

[mXm]Andy19 aka hindey19 (PSN)

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