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Now Accepting Donations

Hey all, I now have the forums set up to accept member donations via paypal.


You can currently donate towards one of two goals, the one I expect the most donations to will be the BF3 server of course :)

Remember that we appreciate the donations as they help us keep the lights on here, and keep upgrading and adding on to the site making it better and better, (I think there's something to be said for clan sites that make gamers drool and other clans envious) HOWEVER; we (Balz & kotaco) do not expect any donations and will always keep the doors open and lights on here in Hotel mXmbers regardless of what it takes.

If you do donate, thank you. I know times can be hard and money better used in other places, but it really does mean so much that you love this place, and what it represents that much as to contribute any amount at all into keeping and improving it.

- kotaco on behalf of mXm Command Staff

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