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How To Get BF3 Stats Sigs (Self-Updating)

By Request

Here is how to get a signature to show off your BF3 stats that will self-update as your progress.

BF3 Stats Method

The first method is the pre-made signatures from BF3Stats.com

Simply go to: http://bf3stats.com/stats_ps3/kotaco/graphics
(Replace kotaco with your PSNID of course)

You now can select from many different sigs and sort by total hits or whatever you like.

Enjin Method

The second method, and the one most of us use is the Enjin auto-sig creator method, which updates every 24 hours.

You are able to choose what you want to be shown and grapics. Just follow this link: http://www.enjin.com/bf3-signature-generator
(You will need your Battlelog ID)

Then you're ready to get creating!

Be sure to use BBCode (as opposed to HTML) when you paste the code into your signature settings in your profile. BBCode looks like this:

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[quote name='andy19' timestamp='1336405446' post='2107']
They don't seem to update very often, eh?
Stats are different than Battlelog, and have been for a while now.

It says it updates every 24 hours, has been working for me.

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