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Hey team!

Hey guys I have been playing religiously on your server now for about a month. I do live in California so coordinating my schedule with all of yours has been tricky but I am trying to manage. A good group of team players is hard to find especially with all the COD fan boys trying to win on there own out there. I am glad that I came across you guys because its well worth racing home to play a couple rounds with whoever is left online for some mid week games.

I have been a tactical gamer for most of my gamer life. I like to work together with a group of people to accomplish the goal. I hate lone wolfing it out there which is likely why I cant stand COD and I cant stand TDM in BF3. Honestly I have gotten so spoiled with playing with you guys that I can hardly have fun playing anywhere else. I am a member at tacticalgamer.com but they are all way to full of themselves so I don't really get along with them. My "career" with first person shooters started where many peoples started. Return to castle wolfenstien from there counter strike, then I got the original Xbox. I began to play counter strike on the Xbox and really my first taste of tactical team work style of play was on Wolfenstien Enemy Territory on Xbox. I had been playing the same game for years online on the PC but nothing very teamwork oriented like I did on Xbox.

Not to long after that I began playing Halo 2 online of course. I really am not a campaign type of person at least not with FPS games. The clan that I had been playing with in Enemy Territory moved to Halo 2 our tag was DBD which was Death Before Dishonor. Sadly before long hacking and the disconnect glitch became such a big part of the game and apart about what that clan was all about that I left them. Jumped back to the PC and got heavily involved with a PC game called Planetside. This game came out in 2003 so there was some time between halo 2 and this game I think however I could be mistaken.

Here is the link to the planetside wikipedia page for any of those interested in a persistant world with no game rounds capturing a base stay yours until some one else takes it. Large scale battles commense on multiple worlds between up to three factions of hundreds of players. Infantry, vehicle and air combat. This game currently has much less players now and there is a monthly fee of 14.99 but the clan that I am a part of there is over 1000 members strong and on raid nights we pull about 100 people and usually turn the tides of battle. Heres a couple of our better videos some of which are pretty good:


Planetside 2 is the sequal to Planetside (Duh) will be completely free to play here is the Planetside 2 wikipedia page for those with any interest. Here is 45 min of Alpha footage. It is not anywhere near beta yet but those of us that are part of the community dream for beta every day.

From here I have branched off to many other games from FPS to RTS. WoW, Minecraft, even runescape when I am feeling like I am missing the old days. Tactical is my way to play and in my opinion its the only way to play. I look forward in growning with you guys and girls and I hope we all can become great friends!.

Thanks for reading. Happy Hunting!
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