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mXm Monitoring H-Hour Progress

H-Hour is a new game in the works that recently suceeded in raising around a quarter of a million dollars to get its development off the ground. mXm's command leadership will be following its progress and encourages all members to head over and participate in the discussions about game development at the SOF Studios forums as well.

What is H-Hour?
Touted as the "spiritual successor to SOCOM" and led by the Creative Director who oversaw SOCOM 1, 2 & Fireteam Bravo as well as participated in SOCOM 3 and MAG but left before those were complete, it may just be the closest thing we'll get to that old SOCOM/SOCRACK feeling we've been yearning for.

H-Hour will be a third person tactical shooter for the PS4 focusing on teambased gameplay. It will focus on multiplayer at its core, single player won't even be developed until 6 months prior to launch. Free DLC is a planned feature to expect as well for new maps and such with the only paid DLC being vanity style adjustments such as costumes. They plan to release 2 DLC packs per year, and are already considering a sequel to this game in the future.

H-Hour will be delivered via digital download and is slated for a release in Jan 2015. However that date is very much subject to change. [*]A condensed list of features: [*]7.1 Surround sound. [*]1080 on PC, maybe PS4 (not confirmed). @ 60fps. [*]LAN play will be available. [*]Rround based. [*]2-3 Bullets Kill [*]Vote to Kick [*]Special Forcers Vs. Terrorists [*]No Cover System [*]Customizable Victory Dances / Taunts [*]After action reports with stats. [*]No vehicles in MP. [*]All weapons will be available from the start of the game (no-unlocks). [*]Game modes will be 8v8. [*]No side-switching [*]Varying map sizes [*]Tie breaker rounds [*]Ranking system will follow closely the SOCOM II [*]Shotguns will knock you down. [*]Ranked servers will be returning. (Butterstick only, cookie only, etc) [*]No health regen [*]No armor [*]Strafing likely will be in the game [*]Corner camping ability will be an option [*]Push To Talk [*]Interactable environment (open/close doors) [*]Limited destructible environemnt [*]Grenade arcs [*]Proximity chat may be in [*]Weapon equipment (attachments, etc.). [*]Likely infinitely hand-gun ammo. [*]Thermal scopes [*]Night maps [*]Ligths can be destroyed, affecting the lighting. [*]Snipers / high-power guns will be at least a 2-hit kill, unless there is a HS (all HS will be insta-kill). [*]No dual primary load outs [*]Dive to prone being considered [*]Backblast from rockets [*]Medley game modes [*]Spectator mode [*]Spectator slots will be available for matches on top of the 8v8. [*]There will be character uniforms that can be customized. [*]Online stats will be accessble [*]Badges/awards can be earned such as they were in MAG [*]Servers will be dedicated, not player hosted. [*]Built in CLan Ladders [*]Green Up to start match [*]Mobile app for clan management / stats [*]PS4 & PC players may be able to play together in the future. [*]Second screen features being considered. [*]PMN mines are back [*]Lobbies will have text chat and voice chat [*]Wounded will leave blood trails [*]Hostages will be in game and respond to character commands [*]No respawn games will be ranked [*]No GLs in ranked games [*]User Created Ranked Rooms not confirmed yet [*]Built-in clan match rooms / lobbies. [*]Will feature escort, breach and demolition for sure.

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