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5 Things to Try in Portal Knights, Out Today on PS4

Hi – I’m Antonela, Community Manager here at 505 Games. Today, we’re celebrating the launch of our action RPG sandbox title, Portal Knights, on PlayStation 4.

Portal Knights began as an Early Access project. A title that would be built with our community, for our community. To see our creation now on console is just super exciting for the entire team! We basically started off with a blank canvas. With a vision in mind, we began bringing the idea of Portal Knights to life, applied a layer of paint, then opened our doors to our community to get their feedback and suggestions. Over the last 15 months, we’ve been listening to our players, made changes and added a bunch of awesome new features in response. Now we have a painting to be proud of!

Portal Knights

Portal KnightsPortal Knights

Community Feedback

Last month, we released a free trial on the PlayStation Store. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve loved seeing what you guys have been up to and built in-game. You’ve really impressed us! Please, keep up the great work.

So… Before you continue your adventure or jump in for the first time, we wanted to give you a rundown on our top 5 things to do in Portal Knights. Everyone ready?

Create a Hero

Are you a Mage, a Ranger, or perhaps a Warrior? Pick a character class, name him / her, customise them using the dozens of options available and head off to Squire’s Knoll, the first island in Portal Knights. Level up as you take down enemies and bosses, assign attribute points to your hero, unlock powerful RPG talents, craft class-specific gear, weapons and much more.

Explore the Worlds

Portal Knights has a wide range of islands to explore, each with unique resources to find, quests to complete and enemies to defeat. Take on tasks assigned by the world’s NPCs and help restore the lands that The Fracture has taken over. Be prepared for changing landscapes in Portal Knights’ timed events and keep an eye out for seasonal events too.

Portal Knights

Build a Base

Protect yourself from Hollow Knights and store your loot somewhere safe by creating a base. With over 300 blocks and items available, pick an island of your choice and be as creative as you can be with your construction! Oh… And be sure to show us your builds!

Adventure With Friends

Don’t want to adventure alone? That’s OK! Portal Knights can be enjoyed in local 2 player split-screen, or online in 4 person cooperative multiplayer. Join forces to gather resources together, build together and take down enemies together! What’s more, you can start the game in single player, then invite friends along, anytime you like.

Take on the Portal Guardians

Get ready to take on the Portal Guardians, each located in their own unique areas on their own islands! Oh and if you like an even greater challenge, put your skills to the test against our Hard Mode bosses.

Portal Knights

Thank You

Once again, we’d like to say a massive THANK YOU for the incredible level of support shown by our community! You’ve all been amazing and going forward, we plan to keep on pushing. We love hearing suggestions and feedback from you guys, so please keep engaging with us!

Stay up to date with Portal Knights by heading over to our website and/or following our official PSN account. Simply Search for ‘Portal_Knights’ and hit that follow button!


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