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Annoucing mXm Radio

If you noticed it already, then you already know!

There is a link just above the shoutbox in the green announcement box to load the mXmRadio application. This allows us to stream music straight to you, sorry no downloads though.

Right now, there is music from SOCOM, our beloved game, Zombieland and Black Hawk Down.

Streaming quality / speed / buffering will depend on your internet connection but it works quite well on mine, so you all should be great.

It is set to buffer 5-10 seconds before playing each new song to help a continuous stream, though you may need to pause at times to give the buffer a little extra head start.

Obviously if you guys use this, at work, home whatever, then we can take requests in the forms of Movie/ Game soundtracks.
I may consider allowing for individual albums for each mXmber or frequent visitor (ie Malani) But at this time I have to code everything in by hand to add new songs, while it's not hard, it is tedious so we shall see.

Comments / Suggestions / Questions welcomed!

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