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Call of Duty Ghosts is actually GOOD!

Yes, I put it out there and said it. The multiplayer is the best in the series. Big maps, small maps, Run N gunners, Campers, Snipers, Knifers, and just plain assault/tactical play. Its all in these multiplayer maps.

I have put about 7 hours in online and I can say without bias that these maps are fun, enjoyable, and feel more like COD4 than anything else. No longer do you get bombarded from the air every 5 seconds with multiple kill streaks. What a relief! A nice little touch to the team deathmatch is objectives within maps.

For example, if you kill someone, they might randomly drop a briefcase with documents. When you capture the briefcase (kinda like Kill confirmed tags) it will give you a small objective like humiliate someone after killing them promoting teabagging! Or kill someone with a picked up weapon, or kill 2 people prone.

It tries to make you mix up your playstyle which is refreshing. Also, I find a handful of these maps have such a SOCOM feel to them. Seige, Whiteout, and Stormfront I swear the level designers were huge SOCOM players. You can feel it.

Anyway, I am enjoying the hell our of it and I am not a fanboy of any FPS, but I was pleasantly surprised how good this is... Infinity Ward finally stopped letting little brother (Treyarch) kick their ass.

For those wating for ps4, no need. You can play on the PS3 version and roll your stats over to the PS4 if you keep your same account from ps3.

These are just my initial impressions. I would love to hear what Weathermatt thinks as he has been playing since day 1 as well.

See you all on the flipside!


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